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LittleBite-sizedPlanet Omnibus Thread

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Great level for LBP1. Imagine the amount of pistons and player sensors required to make the level work! :) That's LBP dedication or insanity ;)

There was a brilliant LBP2 level called "+2000 emitters + Stormy night Edition" by yenahc 1962 which also made itself as you went along but unfortunately I get a "404 page can't be found message) to find a link to it.


The gas in LBP1 doesn't transfer well at all into LBP3 . Often the colour which you had carefully chose to fit in with the theme just turns out black in LBP3.


Great episode. :D

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Yeah, the level seemed ill-served by LBP3. The whole bit about the blocks in that maze-y bit going invisible was a real "bwhuh" moment for me. Still, it is a fine example of how folks were trying to push LBP1.


And....got another little bite coming up here!


Episode 038


This time about we're taking a look at ***Colorful City*** by vivasjunior.


It's a solid example of good gameplay and stylized environment, with just a few sour notes to leaven the mix. All in all pretty fun, though. Be sure to check out some of vivasjunior's other levels as well, as they're quite fun!


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Super busy like, over here. R15F-S2 episode 002 is wrapped, uploaded, and scheduled for Dec. 15th. We also got the level recordings for ep.003 finished up as well. Jumping the gun a bit, perhaps, but today wasn't much busy, and the rest of this week looks to be, so...you use the time you've got, eh?

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