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Legend of Zelda, Sight of Shadows

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As of this posting currently on Link Ver.15.5 (155 updates to the character) and the majority of the first over world is 100% done. Currently working on save data logic.The game is playable in its current stat with no bugs.

Many of these screenshots are from older times of creation.and they will be changed in the final release.

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This will become fantastic, unique, breathtaking, overwhelming...it nearly looks better than the original! :)

And all the time and work that you've invested! Absolutey admirable! :)


Good progress and many greetings, Jürgen^^

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Link ver 15.5-> 16.0
Lifting gloves done for memorizor.
Money chip done for memorizor.
Bomb chip done for memorizor.
Arrow chip done for memorizor.
Heart cap chip done for memorizor.
Bombs & Arrows cap has been increased from 20 to 50.
Memorizor stuff isn't done yet.
There seems to be a bug with # with arrows and bombs being displayed or saved correctly.
Also i think there is a bug with the quest items.
File Select Screen
Memorizor displaying
Ports finished
Option select audio added.
Deleting file audio added.
Controls added.
A option to delete the Memorizor data added.
Deletion animation added.
The game feels balanced now with the 4 heart cap when starting out. Kind of challenging now but there's lots of places to pick up health. The game now studders when picking up and using items. Nothing major but you will see it when playing. This is because the game is saving your progress every time you pick up or use a item thats either ammo, cash or a important item. The game tends to miss important logic saves. For example you game might not add important items into your bag. If this happens reenter the room for it to reload back to unopen state and open it up again and see if you obtain the item. The game only saves your progress if you obtained the item within your menu.
For Dungeons the memorizor will not save keys. Only other important items or progress within the dungeon. If you leave the dungeon and reenter all the keys and doors will remain there and locked.

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Sorry I have not been posting here at all. I will give you a update on whats going on right now.


Link ver 16.0 -> Link ver 21.2


All of the memorizer work has been done. There is a 2nd memorizer that used for Heart pieces and other stuff.

All of the Title screen/Starting screen/login screen has been redone.

Most of the enemies have been redone a bit so they're more updated.


There is now a pause feature.


You can now play music on the Ocarina. They're spots that give hints of Music Tracks that can be played,

NPCs can check how much you have now and have requirements on buying stuff,

Spin Attack is now a Special Power which is required to obtain.

Sword Level is added to the menu, Seal icon has been replaced with the Ocarina.

Menu UI has been updated a bit so players will understand outta the gate what the options are.

Bunch of music has been added to the title screen and there is help text screens also.


(Lots of other things added I didn't go over)


The Dungeon is pretty much done. The last boss of it is going through bug fixes/preventing the game from breaking it right now,

Adjustments are going on with Link's walking animations right now to prevent things from breaking.

Updating all the levels with the newest version of Link & World Memorizer.


The game will release soon as soon as I get this last part worked out and its all play tested with the new save features to make sure they're working correctly. Then it will be ready for publish. There might be a small delay added in if I plan to add in some camera adjustments. I want the game to show things get triggered or have bosses appear on screen.


This is a little outdated but its pretty much the samething.



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The Game is Out Now!!!




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Don't know how I missed this before. WOW! is an understatement. I watched the trailer and sat in stunned silence. Just amazing, amazing work. Wow. 

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Follow me on the Twitter @bioswoop

At the end of the day it's just a game, so chill the ____ out.



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Load into the title screen.

Look at the few of the items you might be getting in the character select.

Load up the level link and it will spawn you in Links house.

Make sure you open the first chest inside Links house and exit south.

Now that you have the Lantern already make your way to the building top right of the area and enter it.

Make sure you pickup the Ocarina when you're inside.

Make your way West from that building and enter a purple Forest.

Go to the Broken part of the Ruins and a Music Sheet will appear.

Press Triangle and go into your Menu and Select the Ocarina and exit out of the Menu.

Press R1 to use the Ocarina.

Toggle up to press notes.

Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square.

You will get a quick cutscene of the gate opening.

Toggle your menu down and press R1 to exit the Ocarina menu.

Go to the gate and start up the next Level Link.

Now the Dungeon has most of meat of the game there. But there is more content before after the dungeon if you look for it.


All Rewards you can obtain in Chapter 1 as of right now.


(Other Rewards in Chapter 1 can't be reached until more content updates get added)


Full Heart Piece

Small Heart Piece

Small Heart Piece



Bow & Arrow


Bronze Gloves

Dungeon Trophy

Green Book


Zora Feed





Bug fixes and improvements will be coming to Link and Chapter 1. Need more feedback though on the first Chapter of the game. To make each chapter takes lots of work. It will take me awhile to bring out the next 2 levels of Chapter 2. Link will be given the ability to swim and blow stuff up in the next Chapter. He will also be able to unlock the spin attack in the next chapter. Bombs & Spin Attack already work perfectly and Flippers do get saved once you obtain them. Its also a good chance that Chapter 1 field area will get updated with some new locations unblocked and be updated with locations where you can use swimming. Chapter 1 has content in it that can only be seen if you completed the Chapter 2 or 3 dungeon. The game is designed so you can explore and backtrack to find new secrets.


There is a Graphics option thats gonna be in the games starting screen. It will allow you to have more sprite animations. Can toggle between PS4 & PS4 PRO. It breaks the levels if you run it incorrectly and I don't know if PS4 PRO can run it without breaking. (Don't know if PS4 PRO can handle more logic/emitter lag.)


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Chapter 1 Update 1
Dungeon level is no longer a sub level and you can see it on my Earth now.
The Movement Controls will lock up and a message will appear on screen if you don't didn't reach a item checkpoint.
(You must have earned Zeldas Lullaby in order to have access to the dungeon.)
Tutorial & cut scene triggers have been added.
Cut scene trigger added in the Fortune tellers room.
Text added for the Ocarina.
Text changes and new dialogue added for before and after you pickup the Ocarina.
Bug fix: Lantern text now displays when you open the chest.
History tweaks added in so you don't see the tutorial again after doing it once.
3 Field cut scenes have been added.
After finishing chapter 1. Going back to the fortune teller there will be extra text saying (Chapter 2 Update required)
Where you need to go play the Ocarina in chapter 1 there is a tutorial on how to open the equip menu, and use the ocarina.
Link version has been updated.
The game can now sense when your in the Ocarina menu.
Ocarina menu auto closes now as soon as you unlock/play a song. This was added so its easier to use.
The cave can now be accessed north of links house now. (You can't do anything with it though.)
Known Issues:

Game Over screen doesn't go black within the field area.
There is no text for the Boomerang after you open the chest.
There is a chance toget multiple large heart piece upgrades at the dungeon boss.
Lifting pots will sometimes auto throw. (Can't really be fixed. LBP has errors with its touch sensor depth.)
Sprite doesn't turn off all the way while falling. (Minor issue, will be fixed later.)
Getting a -50 rubies chest or - value with 0 rubies will return that into a +50.
Holding the walking direction while zoning keeps the walking sprite alive and causes it to follow the player across the level while its reaching its location. (Will try to find a way to fix that.)
Bushes are harder to destroy now because of the attack range adjustment that was done. (Will try to readjust it so there is a middle ground.)

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Chapter 1 Update 2



Falling down holes now turn off the sprite. That way you only see the falling animation. 
Ocarina menu UI has been made visible even when you have not collected the songs.
Field Area now goes black when you get a game over.
Boomerang now displayed text after you pick it up and extra tag triggers were added to the chest to make you players got it.
Getting double full heart pieces at the end of the boss is fixed or alot less likely.
Getting the boss trophy is fixed. There is alot more delay before the level link gets triggered now and repeated tags going off so it confirms that you picked it up.
Dungeon boss was given a bit more health. 17HP ->22HP.
"Missing items/Jump ahead" message now has darken background after the text so you can see it better.

Dungeon Level & the Field level have the same Link version.

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Playstation Pro Update

Its a System Settings update. Where you can change between PS4 & PS4 PRO within the title screen.
While playing on PS4 Pro mode you will able to experience better sprite animations for walking and attacking. 

These were cut from the Default version because emitter lag was too high so a less sprite version was added for the default ps4 version. This new version is still on going a trial to see if playstation pro players can actually run it. If you do run there is a chance you will break the game collusion and touch senors and tag sensors might toggle on and off while walking and attacking. This will cause things to not save or run correctly also.

Link ver 22.3

Playstation Pro
It will update save data on your system settings. Its default on PS4.


Auto Level Link Directing for System Settings

If you don't have any save data on System Settings then you basically just entered the game without going through the character screen first.
Within the first 20s of entering the level the game will check for it for it and if you don't have any save data then it will Auto Level Link to the Title Screen where you can set it up.

Title Screen Update

There is another Menu added for System Settings. You can choose between 2/3 options. Two of them if clicked on will just direct you to set on PS4 and the other is for PS4 Pro.

Update text box color and info changed and updated.

Deleting data, If you select your data it will also delete your system settings.

Character Screen

The game now displays on the character screen what your system settings are.

Level Link Screen

Added Graphics added and after you delete your data and enter the level link screen a Message will appear saying you need to set on a system settings. This was added so there would be no issues with players entering the level link without system save data.

Bug fixes:

Audio sound removed that wasn't post to be there.

Known Issues:

No text display for milk bottle.
No text display for the green book.
No text display for the Mushroom. (Can't grab it tho.)
Link is currently loaded on the PS4 mode and so when loading into a level it will have the PS4 sprite already out before its deleted. So there is a chance you will see both the PS4 & PS4 Sprites up at once for alittle bit.

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(None of these updates have been published)


Chapter 2 work is going to be on hold. (Picture of Chapter 2)





New version of link is being worked on




Started working on Chapter 1 ver2.0
Some more adjustments coming.
Started adding in some field area adjustments and bottom start of the game is blocked off.
Some animations are done.
Walls are done.
Basic testing is done.
First halve of zone logic is done.
Area design is done.
It will take a few more updates toget stuff where I want it.
Adjustment/Changes/Add ons to Chapter 1 2.0 I want to do.
Game Intro from the title screen level
Blocking off bottom start of the game so its more linear at the start  to direct players in the right direction.
Changes to Lantern Location.
Change to starting location (reload)
Start of location x for story.
History x area spawn logic (Like leaving the dungeon and reloading at the entrance of the dungeon instead of the normal starting point)
Zone lines for Field to Field locations.
Text Bug fixes for Milk & Bottle & Mushroom.
Sheika Stones completely changed. (Will no longer need to use Lens of Truth to find them)
Removing 2nd hidden Sheika Stone from Chapter 1.
Removing 2 enemy spawn locations.
New Field Enemies.
New Game over location
Story+Playable content at the start.
Cut scene after you finish the first dungeon.
Text changes for fortune teller house.
Hookshot Spots adjusted. (Pretty much done now.)
Dungeon Music: Boss Defeated Fanfare.
Special Content added to the Sheika Stones: Hard Battle Dungeon content
Zelda Walking Logic.
Field Music Trigger Adjustments.
Field Area 3 will no longer have a access point in Field Area 1.
These changes will not effect you're progress. If anything some of progress you already made might not trigger stuff like cut scenes that get added in and might auto-update the world of the game when you return. The dungeon might not get any changes done to it. There might be a cut scene added to it after picking up the dungeon pendant.
Reason for a Chapter 1 major update is because only a very small amount of players are even reaching the 2nd level. (Roughly 3-5%) 30-40 players outta 250+ have stepped into level 2. Its probably alot less that even finished the dungeon. Goal is toget as many people as I can to step foot into the 2nd level and to do that is to make it alot linear at the start of the game.

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To me your level is one of the best custom levels in lbp3! Its absolutely amazing! I've never seen such a level before, Nintendo should be glad that you've created a level in the nearly 100% style of the original game. And Sony should be glad that its got its own Zelda version now! :) You've given an absolute highlight to the lbp community, so thanks for all your efforts! :)


Many greetings, Jürgen^^




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The pictures are what you can call : *no comment*
From TheHiddenSHADOW8



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Been forever since I posted anything.


Chapter 1 ver 2 is getting closer to being finished. There is still things that need to be done but its roughly 80-90% done now.

Lots of changes and improvements have been done. New locations added in and new features. A few old bugs were fixed.


Most of the changes I mentioned above are done and some were skipped. Some new stuff was added also not in the list. I don't wanna say too much cus of spoilers and it's a long list,


When playing the game again please go through the title screen again when the new version is out. Bunch of stuff was added to it like the intro.

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