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No Man's Sky

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Sooo thanks to someone constantly tweeting interesting and funny pics about NMS I decided to give it another go...

so much to do, basically starting from beginning again, any advice? At what point can I start base building?

I have been playing Aven colony recently too and enjoyed the spaced theme sim city type vibe

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Base building and farming is the only real way to make units fast now, if you want to buy another ship or freighter.
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I mix it up. I started a new game and started with the new storyline mission and maybe 3 planets in, I found a dream planet and plopped down a signal booster and searched for a habitable base and went and claimed it. I've been doing the 3 main story stuff at once. Atlas Path, Awakenings and Base building. If you want to get the blueprints quicker, then start the base missions ASAP. Make sure it's a planet you are happy with because once you bring in a worker and start the missions, you can't move your base unless you want your game to get jacked up. 

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