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Top-down level creation problems

LBP3 PS4 top down edit create hazards

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The pieces of my next level are coming together, it is my first top-down level. I've been testing each piece as I go to make sure it can be modified to work in that environment. That being said, I still see some things pop up intermittently and cannot find a way to deal with them.

1. When the player respawns from the entrance (which is infinite), he is propelled upward about 3 layers or so. Is this normal?

2. Sometimes when the player is killed, he doesn't respawn. The enemies stay at his last location. I think the player might have fallen through the thin layer floor somehow.

3. Creating hazards is not working. Of course, the player walking over them does not trigger them, so I glue a layer-thick piece of sticker panel on top and use an impact sensor to know when he walks through them. The broadcast chip doesn't seem to work unless the player jumps. The stuff on the broadcast chip is movers and rotators, so I see them acting on the player. I even threw an anti-grav tweaker in there as well.

4. Sometimes the sackbot enemies are in the layer above the floor. I have checked the emitters to make sure the outputs are positioned properly two times now, and I have a ton of them. This might just be a general emitter problem and not tied to this type of level, though. I seem to see it pop up from time to time.

If anyone has experience with these and has some suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: OK, while looking for a camera transition problem, I found that movie cameras will not respawn the player if it can't see the checkpoint. That's good to know, I found that on lbpcentral.com. So that is the problem with #2. I'm not sure why I used a movie camera, it should be a game camera, duh.

EDIT 2: #3 hazards - it's that old problem with the percentage acceleration on the movers and such. The advanced mover for the player is set to 90%, so it seems the broadcast chip movers have to be 100% to have any noticeable effect. It seems that percentage is also a weighting factor on whatever is being affected, when multiple movers act on that object, in this case, the player.

OK, it looks like I have answered almost all of my own questions by now. I will assume that the entrance behavior is normal since I can't do anything about it, and will see what can be done about the emitter layer problem. When it happens, the sackbot enemies aren't in the character rotation "override rotation" like they would be if they were on the "ground".

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When it comes to top down I've made some stuff over lbp2 and 3 I have not used characters really but machines might work as the same logic. 

number 1: Have you tried to place an advenced layer mover on a sequncer's end to make it always bring it down? also when you do keep  in mind to uncheck the "can move items"
number 2: is your character controlled by an controllinator or is it a character you choose to spawn? if it is a spawn character, try placing on the spawn point an universal tag sensor and a tag on the character using the broadcast chip (works on both controlinator) place your universal tag sensor on a not gate and then on an emitter that spawns your character (1 shot) it should make things better

number 3: the things about top down hazards is pretty complicated I have tested it once with oddsock on top down, I have used a lava as hazard and placed a hologram with a tag,on the character i placed a sensor that once it notices the tag it will do the animation of jumping off the fire and if targeted twice it will kill it with fire animation, as for the jumping kind of thing i used a layer switcher and put it on a speed that seemed well on a in and out movement.
4: might be the same as number 1  :)

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you already know I am :P:

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Thanks for your response, SeVeN161!


I have figured some things out since this post but opted to but them in my blog instead of here.


#1.  The player sackbot needs an anti-grav tweaker to keep him from falling to the bottom of the level.  My guess is that is why he comes out of the entrance and floats upwards so much.


#2.   I had some trouble with the floors.  If you make them static, there is no problem.  If you want pieces to move, of course you have to make them dynamic.  If the player steps on them, they fall to the back layer, so that was what was happening.  I ended up placing a thick layer behind to keep them from doing that.


#3.  The player sackbot has an advanced mover on it set to 90%.  It seems that any other movers (like the ones I put on the hazards) need to be more than 90% to have any effect on the player.  I opted for movers and rotators instead of actually killing the player.


#4.  Still working on this one.  I have an elevator of sorts that transports the enemies with a door that opens upward (with an advanced in/out mover).  I think the enemies might be somehow be getting pushed upward when they try to exit and the door gets in the way, since they are following the player.


If anyone is interested in more details, check out my top-down blog.  I will update it if I encounter any more issues with this type of level.  I am still learning a lot as I work on this level.


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Not much activity here lately, but I've got one other question that I have not been able to completely answer myself. I'll post this and hope for the best.

I thought at first I was having a problem with my sackbot enemies not following their character animation rotations properly. I had the override at 180, 90, 0 so they would have their feet on the ground. In a separate level, I tested them out and everything looked fine, but I was using the default camera. The game camera in my level is tilted back so that as much floor as possible can be seen by the player. I put in a camera in the separate level that was similar to the real level game camera to see if there was a difference. It seems like this setup makes it look like the sackbots are laying on their sides on the floor. Has anyone else ever seen this?

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