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What is our focus?

>>Our focus is to make fun levels for the community to enjoy, together. Simply we will work like a normal game dev company but in LBP3!


I already have somethings done about the studio like ranks, community page (PS4), rules....

I made a level in LBP3, explaining everything about: How to join, specialities, jobs, etc... so if you wanna check it out please do ;)
http://lbp.me/v/qyy683k/activity - (This link might not work since I'm always updating the rules/jobs list/FAQ list)

*Please keep in mind that only PS4 users may join as it would be dificult to manage a team where PS3 users are also in, my PS3 broke so there's no way I can play with those players.

Here's a little list explaining a bit about us:

- There's not too much people in the team so there's not much we can make together yet.

- Please be mature when working together.

- When requesting to join, request via review section of the level/PM me telling me your speciality** and job**.

**Specialities are: Logic, design, music and writer (all of these are explained when playing the level), jobs is for people in the studio to make a contract (<--- explained in the book given at the end of the level) with you, you may choose 1-3 jobs max. according to your speciality.

- If you have FNAF (Five nights at freddy's - horror game) projects please, don't request to join us, we want to make levels for the community to enjoy and not overused level idea please.

- If you don't know anything about creating, don't bother join us, every person who tried to join us have tried to take advantage of making others work for them and that's not good.

- When requesting to join, make some projects so we can determine whether or not you can join us.


Q:What is yourtimezone?
A:Lisbon +00:00 (I dont know if that answers your question since idk much about timezones)

Q:Do you accept people who can't play for long periods of times?
A:Yes, if they actually WORK then yes.

Q:Can I PM you on PSN?
A:Yes, but I reccomend playing my level first so you know all of the details.

Q:Do we have to be active most of the time?
A:No, we respect people who get tired of playing and want to relax.

Q:Is there any project the studio has right now?
A:Yes, a long topdown view stealth game with story.

Q:How many members does the studio have and what are their speciality?
A:5, me and I am good with logic, another player who is a gun model maker and the rest are people who help me control the studio.

Q:What jobs are available?
A:The jobs list are available at the level in LBP3.

Q:What are contracts?
A:When people have a level they need help with, they can make a contract with the right people according to their rank and job(s).

Q:Why should I join?
A:If you want to have a team to make levels with, make new friends and just simply have fun, then consider requesting to join!

Q:I want to join but I'm not good at anything can you teach me?
A:No, sorry.
Jobs List:


- Top down logic maker [Valuable]

- Fighting game maker [Valuable]

- RPG logic maker

- Spionage logic maker [Valuable]

- Calculator maker [Valuable]

- Operative system (OS) maker [Valuable]

- Zombie logic

- Run 'n' shoot game maker

- FPS Shooter game maker

- Logic teacher

- Survival logic maker

- Engine maker

- Infinite level (Mobile phone styler) maker

- Advanced logics [Valuable]

- Save data logic maker


- Vehicle maker

- Helicopter maker

- Logo maker [Valuable]

- War costume designer

- Anime costume designer [Valuable]

- Menu interface designer

- User interface designer

- Top down level designer [Valuable]

- House designer [Valuable]

- Gun model designer [Valuable]

- Mediaval weapon designer [Valuable]

- Background designer


- Cinematic music maker [Valuable]

- Sad music maker [Valuable]

- Techno/EDM music maker

- Dubstep music maker [Valuable]

- Music recreator [Valuable]

- Rock music maker

- Classic-styled music maker


- Apocalipse story writer

- Fighting game story writer [Valuable]

- War story writer

- Mediaval story writer

- Comedy story writer

- Plot twist story writer [Valuable]
Studio head jobs (Jobs who are aimed at the control of the studio)

>>Head leader - ricpedrit (me)

>>1st sub-leader - OPEN

>>2nd sub-leader - OPEN

>>LBPU Representative - OPEN

>>Commnity page mods - ricpedrit; RFAD; Yottbyte.


If you have some questions please feel free to ask me! ;)

I know it's annoying to play a level in LBP to know more but just recently I found this site so, writting everything I wrote in the level into the forum will take some time.

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Sounds like a cool little team you have here. Very professional :)

I'll definitely check out the level, it seems very interesting.





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oh look at that. Hey can you post the websites your advertising to on the psn community page so that I can see all the stuff that's potentially out there.

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