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Lbn Picks #39

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LBN Picks #39











Long time ago ;)

You could say "hey LBN, you are late with your new pick"


We could answer "yes, my little Sacky, but but it´s never to late for a new LBN Pick"








So let´s stop fooling around here; let´s play this excellent creations:










Gow project by Gek83





cursed - a horror story by RamiroKibaInu





Mizuway by Rikorudaniel





Rise of Rome by Shaggy40000





Jurassic World - Park Tour by Kaiju_Kid





LBP Tennis by one-mad-bunny





Girder Gadders by Creator_B





PORTAL...dimensiony by SluFoot_48





The temple of Cupacapro 2 by Darkavenger_13





Death by chocolate by EnochRoot





And last but not least some pretty nice levels from "The origin of" series!!!

Play them. You don´t want to miss them.











See you around








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Here is a list of all 'the origins of' levels if you want to queue them :P, thanks to spiderdian-home. 



also congrats to everyone who got included here. :)

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I feel bad about the bug that prevents links to adventures. Those origins levels deserve to be here. I still have a few to play, so I'll queue that list.

Anyway, thanks for including my level. I'm proud of this one! And congrats to the other creators!
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We were left with an unfortunate situation due to a technical issue regarding placing adventure level links in hubs. Previously they have worked but after recent updates they don't. The original intention was to have every origin level entered in the next hub but we were only able to place the normal single level links.

You are correct in that we have contacted creators who entered adventure levels informing them we are happy to place a nominated substitute level of theirs in an upcoming hub.... We are still awaiting several responses.


If you wish to have your  level added to this picks edition then it can be done ASAP...or alternatively we can add to the next hub due in, entirely your choice.

apologies once again for any inconvenience.


The main mission of the LBN_PICKS is to offer the playing community at large a varied selection of original well made levels to play and have fun on.



on a side note if any community members would like to join the picks team then just let  us know :)

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thank u so much LBNpicks team, I'm proud of Cursed is one of the best horror levels in lbp :p:

I hope all the origins levels :)  can be included

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Congratulations to everyone being featured in this cool hub!

I'm sorry to say that my contest entry is an adventure, so it can't be featured in the Hub.
At this moment I don't have a level good enough (in my opinion) to be featured instead.

I am working on something very cool ATM, but it won't be done in time to still add in this hub.
So I'll aim for our next pick selection ;)

Love all the levels that are featured in this episode a lot!
So great work y'all ;)
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Thank you a lot guys!


It's a honor for me that my levels have already been picked several times for the LBN Picks. Just wanted to let you know i don't take this for usual - i appreciate it every single time.


And, ugh, I always feel a little sorry when reading a lot of level names that i didn't check out. Just like this time. I'm gonna do a big LBP session soon to catch up. Gratz to all picked creators!

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Thanks for including my level in here yous guys! Its doing really well with the traffic so Im really gratefull. Cheers
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