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Help in create mode

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Hey everyone, I have LPB PSP- first and so far only LBP I've played. I got it when it came out, finished story mode, got all the items, etc. I never really used create mode. I've heard some say that it's really glitchy and not very fun when compared to LPB 1 for PS3- however, since I never played that, I cannot compare.

Anyway, I was just wondering if certain features were available in the PSP's create mode, and how to use them. I seem to be having a bit of a hard time getting exactly what I want.

1) Is it possible to make a material shape the exact same shape as a sticker somehow? In the story mode levels, it seems they accomplished this. The only way I can see to re-shape material objects is to... use the corner editor, which really is inconvenient and an annoying way to do it. Not to mention, the sticker doesn't show when using the corner editor.

2) The in-game video tutorials claim that you can rotate/scale material shapes before you place them (the same way you can rotate/scale stickers), but I can't seem to do it. Was this a mistake that they made?

3) Is there anything I should know in terms of glitches and whatnot? I remember hearing nasty ones where, after creating levels, the game data corrupted.

Additional info: I can't connect online with LPB PSP, it says I don't have enough memory stick data to make an online account. =( So I can't download/send anyone levels or whatever.
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I haven't played LBP PSP in such a long time I couldn't really explain it all. I do know in LBP 2, and Vita that there is a "Sticker Cutter".
I couldn't seem to find it on LBP PSP. I did find a neat little tutorial on how to cut out a sticker.


About the glitches I am not sure. I'm almost sure there is a way to rotate and scale materials before placing them.
Every other LBP game so far has allowed you to do so. Why not get a PS3? It's definitely worth it.
If you want to see the LBP2 sticker editor here is a link, you might find it:


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