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Gun Sound Design

Posted by IAB98Raptor in LBP3 Fighter Experimental, 05 February 2016 · 63 views

While Much of the aircraft's external sound design (things not heard by pilot) is based around broadcast chip technology, the guns operate differently. They emit the sounds and the sound must travel to other players. When over the player, the sound is activated. As time goes on, the sound decays and gets lower and quieter. This is called doppler effect, w...


the x-files official colouring book

Posted by ramkibainu in ramkibainu's Blog, 04 February 2016 · 70 views


no... I'm not joking or trolling XD, this book is REAL and OFFICIAL, as part of X-Files art show, Conspiracies, Monsters & Mythology Los Angeles art gallery iam8bit is releasing it at the cost of $12 dollar, on sale from February 4


HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY Media Molecule!!!

Posted by b-coli in b-coli's Blog, 04 January 2016 · 147 views

today is Mm's 10 year birthday, if you haven't already, go and wish them a happy birthday!
there have been a few videos and posts on twitter so far, who am i kidding, there have been a lot! :p:

so get off your sackbutt and go tell them how much you love them for making this game! :p:


Bugs and Issues after Patch 1.17

Posted by katanagirl1 in LBP3 Bugs and Issues, 22 December 2015 · 135 views
bugs, patch, community, DLC and 2 more...

This update fixes the DC Comics space background material on PS4, it now has the earth and stars instead of the uniform purple color. So far this is the only issue or bug I have been tracking that has been fixed in this patch that I am aware of. The other DC Comics materials have not been fixed yet.

Correction: the level reviews now seem to be showing th...


Molecule Party: Dreams come true

Posted by Pookachoo in Pookachoo's Blog, 08 December 2015 · 428 views

I woke up this morning feeling very tired and thought: did I actually go to an amazingly fun Media Molecule party last night, or was that a Dream? :P

This past weekend my husband Ben and I attended the second Playstation Experience, which fortunately for us was in San Francisco an...


Sir Alonne: seppukuuuuuuuuu! no guts, no glory!

Posted by nirvana in hellion, 22 November 2015 · 333 views

the fight you've all been waiting for! (well, maybe two of you. :p: )

i finally got through sir alonne, no damage. as you can see i have no healing items (actually no consumables) equipped.

i wish there were more boss fights like this where the fight is quite challenging, and there is a payoff at the end for getting throug...


Halloween Chaos

Posted by Pookachoo in Contest Pictures, 10 November 2015 · 189 views

As per usual, here's a montage of the latest contest entries. Great work everyone! :)
Entries are in alphabetical order by creator's LBN name, both competitive and non-competitive entries.



Gravity progress update 4 (Soon...)

Posted by DreJ1212 in DreJ1212's Blog, 12 October 2015 · 116 views

Well, a lot of progress has been made since my last update. Unfortunately, Metal Gear Online came out on October 6th, and progress on the level slowed down yet again. However, Three out of four zones are done now.


I've finished Laser Labyrinth, Wacky Wall, and Virtual Vertigo Zones since the last update. I'm really prou...


I'm back

Posted by SeVeN161 in back from a vication :D, 27 September 2015 · 144 views

Wow it's been a nice time since i posted last :P but now I'm back here if you been noticing for this few days my brother actually been the one typing stuff and playing for me (tho he been too lazy to keep the work on levels lolz :p: ) So i'm back to my moon "banging my head on the tv" to make many more levels such as an remake to my first level that i j...


Hey guys

Posted by monypm in The best blog by monypm, 15 September 2015 · 201 views

Hello, I haven't been here for quite some time. Right now I should be studying for a math test I have tomorrow (it's 1:28 a.m. right now). Most of you probably don't know me or don't remember me anymore, but I hope some of you do.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know what I've been up to. I started university one month ago. I still remember when I was around...


Need Help.

Posted by CraZy Tito in CraZy Tito's Comeback, 02 September 2015 · 281 views

Hey I am back , i dont know if anyone still remembers me from lbp1 and 2, but i havent been online for 3 years. But now I want to make a comeback and uploaded an amazing adventure level, the problem is I get no plays without any support or whatever and I put alot of effort in my level. I just joined this forum 2 minutes ago so I dont even know if I am doi...


Talos Principle sample gameplay

Posted by nirvana in hellion, 30 August 2015 · 367 views

just a snippet of a game i'm currently playing. it's called the talos principle, a puzzler that touches on the thought provoking theme of what it means to be human. in the game, you play a robot. :P

the first areas of the game are the more simple puzzles. as you progress the puzzles get more complicated.

sorry about the red...


Update: a year later??

Posted by Prendie in Pren's college adventures, 10 August 2015 · 298 views

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I've been on here last? I could've sworn it was only a month or two... I promise I'll be better this time around, lol.

So, it's a year later. I'm 18 (woah!!), and I don't /feel/ like my life's changed a lot, but I know it has. It's been almost three whole semesters since my last blog post, which is... kind of...


Creative Writting : Getting Used To The Rules

Posted by Noir Vasily in Noir's Favorite Nonsense, 27 July 2015 · 240 views

In my school, a public speaking competition is held regularly and once a year, and many of my friends have been involved, though not amongst them, I was still interested to prepare a speech of my own in my free time, based on the fairly common topic of rules. This was entirely spontaneous without research and contains some of my own thoughts on the topic,...


Dark Earth: Don't Let Them In

Posted by Kato in Kato's Blog, 20 July 2015 · 216 views


Yessssssssss. So it begins! The very first level of my Dark Earth Adventure has at last been released. It's also my very first ever LBP3 level. I gotta say, it's refreshing to see how much I've improved since my LBP1 days. "Don't Let Them In" is a rare level that turned out exactly lik...



Posted by Nam12399 in Ratchet & Clank Remake (Help Wanted), 19 July 2015 · 249 views

I've taken the challenge of Recreating my favourite game of all time in little big planet 3 (PS3) I've made the sackbot (Double jump, 3d Movement, 3d Swimming, and wall jump), some weapons, and some enemies. The thing I really need help with is, stage/ background building, Music, and cut scenes. Remember, if you help me, YOU"LL RECEIVE FULL CREDIT FOR YOU...


Creative Writings #2: "complications Of My Everyday Morning"

Posted by Rasumii in Days in the life of a Rasumii, 11 July 2015 · 256 views

Now this one was actually an essay I wrote for my teacher, so there are references to other articles in here. He asked us to explore a problem and come to a solution. While most people did something extremely meaningful, this is what I did ( Received a 98/100).

Complications of My Everyday Morning

Food is my passion. Let me explain what I mean by tha...


Just dropping by

Posted by JackzThaName in Jack's Blogs & ETC., 28 May 2015 · 307 views

Doubt most of you know me, but thought I'd drop by my favourite childhood website and have a quick browse, used to go by Airators-707 (looking back on that name still makes me cringe.) But haven't posted here for years, been swallowed up by exams and prepping for university. To think I joined this site when I was only 12 years old :Worried:

Been nice to...


Project Jukebox - Update 10: Version 1.0 is Go!

Posted by starstealer80 in starstealer80's Blog, 21 May 2015 · 254 views

This will be the final entry for Project Jukebox for the next little while. This project started when LBP3 was released, and over the last few months I have learned a lot by focussing on one single project. It took me longer than expected as my creativeness ebbs and flows depending on how busy I was that week. Initially I thought this project would be sim...



Posted by CreeperkidDF in CreeperkidDF's Blog, 15 May 2015 · 249 views


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