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Pathfinder Update - New Photo Mode

Posted by katanagirl1 in No Man's Sky, 24 March 2017 · 61 views
No Mans Sky, PS4, photo and 2 more...

I have been playing around with the new Photo Mode that was added with the Pathfinder update, and got some really artsy, cool results that I wanted to share! Photo mode stops the action, so you can move the camera around, up and down, or even change the sun's position to get just the right look. You can also apply filters, but I prefer to show the beauty...


Assorted Notes

Posted by waffle_king23 in waffle_king23's House of Questionable Fun, 19 March 2017 · 97 views

So, spent the day wandering around the Nipponbashi Street Fest/cosplay parade. Too many people. Like, easily three times my limit, at least.

We saw:

-Super Sayan Donald Trump.
-kids in handmade Splatoon costumes with non-costumed parents.
-Like 20different characters with chainsaws, so i must have missed a boom somewhere.
-Lots of people, mainly lassie...



Posted by chronos453 in Creative Process, 14 March 2017 · 115 views

Hey there! If you managed to find this blog, chances are you've seen this post and were intrigued by it. If that is the case, glad to have you here, I hope I'll make good use of your time from hereon. If, however, you found yourself here through mere coincidence or any other reason, a proper introduction is required. But before we get on with all that, l...



Posted by -Gjmhhbb- in creative....block?, 08 March 2017 · 79 views

:Neutral: ya ever get that feeling when you want to make something really badly, but then you start and have no motivation what so ever?


Slideshow: The Garden 2016

Posted by Pookachoo in Pookachoo's Blog, 22 February 2017 · 175 views

My husband Ben made this slideshow at Christmas, for my gran, so it's a slower pace than our punk music videos :P
It's a compilation of images taken by both of us over the course of the 2016 growing season in our massive garden:

We mostly grow climbing vines - beans, peas, cucumbers, some winter squash, and morning glories w...


broken? ps3

Posted by SeVeN161 in Ps3 "broken"?, 30 January 2017 · 213 views

so recently i been having issues with my ps3 where it wouldnt show up screen nor will notice my controllers, I been trying what sony is saying to do with holding the button to start it for a while till it resets, but all it did is just going off and turn on normally, the lights are normal (green) and I got no idea what to do nor whats up with it :Sadder:...


First semester finished, and results are in!

Posted by Ghostseeker in Ghostseeker's Blogs, 27 January 2017 · 262 views

Hello guys once again. :) If you don't know, I study in the King Saud University for Health Sciences in Saudi Arabia, hoping to become a doctor in the future.

My first semester was good. It wasn't great, but wasn't too bad either. The subjects we had to take were slightly demotivating; thus, I didn't get the best grades, but I'm proud nonetheless. :)




Posted by junaiper in dong ding, hot a what, 25 January 2017 · 116 views


all jokes aside, my mind feels pretty spaced right now

i'm currently trying to make a refined keystroke bot for that one post i made a while ago (i don't have the link and i'm too lazy to grab it-- you can get it yourself) but it seems that my skill and finesse are like shops closing til...


Cheers to the New Year Montage

Posted by Pookachoo in Contest Pictures, 05 January 2017 · 151 views

Here's a montage of all the cool artwork :)



LBP3 F-15C Capabilities: What makes it so special?

Posted by IAB98Raptor in LBP3 Fighter Experimental, 14 December 2016 · 219 views

My F-15C is without a doubt the most sophisticated and realistic combat fighter in LBP3. It is extremely detailed externally, featuring incredibly precise scaling and proportions. The plane makes extensive use of decorations to blend 3D models with highly detailed sticker textures. This plane is certainly in a class of its own in terms of external detail,...



Posted by Louis218v in United Guardian's of Peace { Recruitment PS4/PS3 ONLY), 26 September 2016 · 231 views

Hello! if anyone would like their clan to join our Union, United Guardian's of Peace, please add my User, louis218v. We are based on mainly LBP3 ( PS4 ) but for anyone who needs to know what to do once joined you must think about getting someone to Represent your clan within the Union who can arrange meetings with other Representatives, the Clan Members t...


PAX West 2016: (is VR a thing?)

Posted by b-coli in b-coli's Blog, 17 September 2016 · 215 views

howdy sackheads!
guess who's back!!!


been a long time since i golbed (for those new to my version of blogs, that is blog spelled backwards, sounds cooler)

anyway, this one is bout PAX West (formerly known as PAX Prime) guess it just sounded too much like an autobot missing from the tr...


Bugs and Issues after Patch 1.22...

Posted by katanagirl1 in LBP3 Bugs and Issues, 21 August 2016 · 474 views
LBP3, PS4, community, DLC and 2 more...

So this might be the last entry in this series. I didn't intent for it to be, but without any release notes for the last two patches, it is hard to know what, if anything I have been tracking has been addressed.

My feeling is that the patches just put the hooks into the interface for upcoming DLC. The last one added the changes to the pod interface. I...


Quick trip back to LBP2

Posted by katanagirl1 in Things I have learned in LBP3, 08 August 2016 · 237 views

I loaded the old LBP2 SE disc in the PS3 yesterday to go back to my levels and see if I could remove the DLC from the SE and GOTY games that makes it impossible for me to access those levels in LBP3. I'm also trying to understand why I can't access one level from LBP3 that says I need the Monster Costume DLC even though all sackbots had their costumes re...


Brexit, who's nexit?

Posted by Merlin in Merlin's Book of Magic, 25 June 2016 · 787 views

Congratulations to my fellow countrymen on securing their freedom from continental tyranny.

The longest journey begins with a single step, with this the first step towards a more accountable and representative government.

The vote has revealed the severe disconnect between the cosmopolitan elite and normal people in provincial England and Wales. It is n...


Weather forecast for Father's Day in Phoenix...

Posted by katanagirl1 in Non-game related post, 13 June 2016 · 247 views
hot, record

I looked this morning on the Weather Channel ten-day forecast for my city (which is actually outside of the metro Phoenix area), and it's supposed to be 120 degrees Fahrenheit that day. For the rest of the world, that is 48.8 degrees Celsius (or 322 Kelvin for all the scientists out there).

I hope I survive - 118 degrees is the hottest I've seen out he...


Whoa tbt

Posted by Cades99 in Cades99's Blog, 09 June 2016 · 244 views

It's been awhile, hope everyone has been doing better than me


x-men apocalypse

Posted by ramkibainu in ramkibainu's Blog, 24 May 2016 · 262 views

the most recent x-movie
x-men Apocalypse is a good continuation of x-men days of future past, excellent characterizations,story and action scenes


really better than avengers...highly recommendable


Tattoos and your thoughts

Posted by KittyRainbows in KittyRainbows' Blog, 05 May 2016 · 550 views

I was thinking today about tattoos and what I would like in future.
Here in Japan they are not so popular and where originally mostly gotten by gang members and although these days you can get them here as I have said they are not as popular as western countries and you can't show them at work or go to onsens etc...
But I love having tattoos and was won...


Duplication glitch caught again - also bogged down with loading screens

Posted by katanagirl1 in Duplication glitch notes, 21 April 2016 · 240 views
LBP3, PS4, duplication glitch and 2 more...

I saw the unglue tool fail yesterday and caught it on video. (I'm trying desperately to finish this level first before I edit the video and post it.). I was trying to delete a piece of sticker panel and just kept getting that "unglue" sound every time I hit the delete button. Then I saw another piece of material some distance away that it was still glue...

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