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Elder Scrolls Online - More Leveling and Champion Points

Posted by katanagirl1 in Elder Scrolls - Oblivion and Skyrim, 04 December 2017 · 60 views


I took advantage of the Witches’ Festival that took place around Halloween to get twice the experience points during the event and more quickly level up my NIghtblade. I’ve been researching champion points for my class and allocating them in areas to shore up the character’s weakness in damage dealt and damage received, a...



Posted by waffle_king23 in waffle_king23's House of Questionable Fun, 30 November 2017 · 59 views

So, we took a break.

This may have been a bit of a mistake.

Or maybe not, i don't know. But it felt really weird to be not recording, and then really weird to be recording. Should've gotten a few more LBsP episodes in in the interim. On the other hand i spent a good chunk of my time off putting together a new hub (or...maybe i didn't do that! Forget i s...


The first steps

Posted by CuriousSack in CuriousSack's Music Creation Diary, 11 November 2017 · 100 views

Hello friends,

in LBPC I've revived my old blog, which has been a kind of Creation Diary! I've changed it into a Composing Diary, where I want to show you step by step, how I'm composing a song! I thought to myself...why not doing the blog also in littlebignetwork, so welcome to CuriousSack's Music Creation Diary! :)

I've done two videos so far, video o...


Thanksgiving Klucking Turkey Panic Progress 😊

Posted by Lbphart3 in Lbphart3's Blog, 30 October 2017 · 57 views

Thanksgiving Klucking  Turkey Panic Progress 😊 My Thanksgiving Mini games all most done just got to add logic :) Thanksgiving Klucking Turkey Panic will be published in a few days maybe even to morrow:)


My Island level Progress :)

Posted by dzomve in dzomve's fun house, 29 October 2017 · 153 views

My Island level Progress :) My biggest level am making yet over the years playing LittleBigPlanet :D Hope I can make the level long because the Thermometer is up high :ascared: But the rest of the level is a secret ;)


From: Art Contest - Halloween and Day of the Dead

Posted by Everett Kasian in Blog 8774, 16 October 2017 · 135 views

From: Art Contest - Halloween and Day of the Dead Source: Art Contest - Halloween and Day of the Dead



Posted by b-coli in b-coli's Blog, 14 September 2017 · 143 views

just testing blog feature :)
is anyone else having issues posting blogs?

(testing edit feature)

testing again:

pickles x2


back home at last

Posted by SeVeN161 in back home!, 29 August 2017 · 165 views

So after ummmm 28 days? of vacation on brazil which was awesome :3 I'm finally back home today, and very jet-legged dizzy lolz, man i missed my pc ;-; and the other things especially the forum, I have so much to tell but idk where to start from it is so crazy to not have allot of things with you for 28 days, just pool,tv,sea,phone, and some animals here a...


NMS Data Analysis Part 2

Posted by katanagirl1 in No Man's Sky, 11 August 2017 · 191 views
No Mans Sky, PS4, exotics, rare and 3 more...

I've had another chance to delve into the huge amount of NMS data that I collected for one more look at the data. Now that update 1.3 Atlas Rises is coming out, it is likely that the amount of resources or even the way they are distributed might change significantly, so I won't be doing any more with this data.

It has been interesting and enlightening,...


New Blog

Posted by dethklokrulez12 in Aviation & Aeronautics, 30 July 2017 · 146 views
New, Blog, New Blog

Hello there,

This blog was made by my friend (IAB98Raptor) and I for posting about Aviation/Aeronautics/LBP3 related subjects. Expect more in the upcoming weeks as we gather
some delicious content for you all to enjoy.

Thank you.


F-15C Update and New Aircraft Development

Posted by IAB98Raptor in LBP3 Fighter Experimental, 23 June 2017 · 225 views

The F-15 is done and has completed all testing. I had time to improve the avionics and flight characteristics of this plane and I'm still writing a manual for the plane. It is a mid level simulation but also incorporates enough technology that fully appreciating the plane will only be possible with the manual. While I'm working on that, I am also starting...


Level credit confusion

Posted by -Gjmhhbb- in a tad inconvenience, 14 June 2017 · 211 views

So....on my recent contest entry, my awesome friend Darthvadre11 helped alot with the level with some logic help and obsticales ideas here and there as well as supporting me with encouragement while making it. So in the description of the level I said thanks to Darthvadre11 for overall help and support. People seem to either have misread this or havebtake...



Posted by Sackmanoo in Sackmanoo's Discuss Blog, 05 June 2017 · 252 views

My entry is called "The Emerald Ghost", as you can tell there is some great levels, and I don't think I would win on how great they are, but it's not the winning, its the fun. But, do you think my level is good enough? Heres the link: https://lbp.me/v/q1-p3ky/activity

I hope you enjoy it! :3


From: buttonstroke sackbot concept

Posted by junaiper in dong ding, hot a what, 08 April 2017 · 236 views

Source: buttonstroke sackbot concept

yay, i got to make another post on this
i should probably work on other things or make something actually practical, but oh well


Now Now calm down... What the heck dose that MEAN

Posted by Sack64 in TRILLY16 HAS TAKEN OVER LBP2, 08 April 2017 · 225 views

Sigh* Rember littlebigplanet when I first stared... thats right NO ONE DOES! Most kids that play lbp2 now (Didnt reach lbp3 yet or lbp1) are now called "Trillins". Not all (like me) kids on lbp2 are trillins, but trilly 17 has... 7,136 plays 2,006 hearts and 1,120 yeahs! WHAT! Like really! It's just a hang out (get slaped around) place. It shouldn't get t...



Posted by chronos453 in Creative Process, 14 March 2017 · 329 views

Hey there! If you managed to find this blog, chances are you've seen this post and were intrigued by it. If that is the case, glad to have you here, I hope I'll make good use of your time from hereon. If, however, you found yourself here through mere coincidence or any other reason, a proper introduction is required. But before we get on with all that, l...



Posted by -Gjmhhbb- in creative....block?, 08 March 2017 · 234 views

:Neutral: ya ever get that feeling when you want to make something really badly, but then you start and have no motivation what so ever?


Slideshow: The Garden 2016

Posted by Pookachoo in Pookachoo's Blog, 22 February 2017 · 367 views

My husband Ben made this slideshow at Christmas, for my gran, so it's a slower pace than our punk music videos :P
It's a compilation of images taken by both of us over the course of the 2016 growing season in our massive garden:

We mostly grow climbing vines - beans, peas, cucumbers, some winter squash, and morning glories w...


First semester finished, and results are in!

Posted by Ghostseeker in Ghostseeker's Blogs, 27 January 2017 · 417 views

Hello guys once again. :) If you don't know, I study in the King Saud University for Health Sciences in Saudi Arabia, hoping to become a doctor in the future.

My first semester was good. It wasn't great, but wasn't too bad either. The subjects we had to take were slightly demotivating; thus, I didn't get the best grades, but I'm proud nonetheless. :)



Cheers to the New Year Montage

Posted by Pookachoo in Contest Pictures, 05 January 2017 · 300 views

Here's a montage of all the cool artwork :)


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