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Big goal... Little problem...

Posted by LBM12 in LBM12 2014 Blog, 19 April 2014 - - - - - - · 41 views

This seems to be a pattern of mine...

Say I'm back, don't post for a few days, say I'm back... you get it.

At any rate, I have just recently finished Professor Layton and the Last Specter, and
finishing it somehow sparked an idea for a full game on LBP2.

But then, as I usually do, I either forget about it, don't write it down, or even at...


I'm back, sorta...

Posted by Powerspell3 in PowerSpell3's Blog, 16 April 2014 - - - - - - · 37 views

Recently I've been very absent. Not only from LBN, but from my Playstation in general. Well, actually I DID take the time to beat Infamous: Second Son.
Besides that, I've taken up acting again. I've been looking for more work ever since I was never called back for "The Red Band Society". I think I'll do some theatre and then try to get an agent that actua...


Insaniton Has a New Website

Posted by CombustionKiller in Insaniton Gaming, 28 March 2014 - - - - - - · 52 views
I.G.C. Update

Insaniton Gaming's old website did not do very well. So we created a new one! Using a trusted clan/guild website hoster, iClan Websites, we created a new one. The website is insanitongaming.clanwebsite.com


Level designers wanted at Media Molecule !!!

Posted by b-coli in b-coli's Blog, 21 March 2014 - * * * * * · 231 views

Hey folks!
Looks like Media Molecule is hiring creative types.
If you fancy yourself a creator that is good at what he/she does, and you are interested in making a new game with Mm... Follow this link ;)



Everythings going Sexy's way!

Posted by the sexy sack man in One of blogs, 20 March 2014 - - - - - - · 110 views
Promotion, Tesco, Happy, Sacky and 1 more...

So, for people that dont know, I took a year out from education due to not feeling I was ready for university, which I maintain to be the right decision for me! Anyway, I had to obviously get a job so I could afford to pay for things such as Rent, travel expenses and so on! So I work for the corporate machine that is Tesco, you may of heard of them......


Oh, delay...

Posted by Pookachoo in Love Panda Returns, 22 February 2014 - - - - - - · 115 views

Yeah, hoped to get Love Panda done this weekend but it isn't happening. B-day gift for my husband, so I can only work on it when he's not home. That plus all the little hangups of working in Karting, I'll have to finish the level for play testing next weekend and hope that a few days will be enough time to find any bugs.
Anyhow, the level is coming along...


Lego Movie: the Game review

Posted by the sexy sack man in Sexys game review, 21 February 2014 - - - - - - · 122 views

Hello there people!

I have wanted to do this for a very very long time, and I thought that now would b e a better time than never!!

So I have just finished completing:

Lego movie: The game
(click the image to go to Amazon to check for prices)


I should begin by saying that...


Daft Punk // Breaking Bad (Vacations)

Posted by AironTheSackboy in My lazy random blog!, 21 February 2014 - - - - - - · 102 views
Schnuck ♥

Hai there, it has been sometime since I didn't post or visited LBN ^^ I've been out of gaming during my vacations (I really don't know why). So I've been away from LBP or any other games, EXCEPT for GTA V, that I've bought for my birthday :3 . Well, I've been up to Breaking Bad, I've heard about it, sadly when it was on season finale, but it still worth i...


I miss you guys ..

Posted by Gregthegamer in GTG's Creative Blog, 15 February 2014 - * * * * * · 176 views

Hey you guys c:
It's been way too long. I feel like I've been away for years. So I've decided to come back to the site today.
I know it's kind of sudden, but please let me explain.

I was laying here...thinking. And I miss having people to talk to. I miss having friends. And to be quite honest, I don't have much friends. So I started thinking about the la...


Haven't been on this site in a while..

Posted by madmarsrocks in Blog 6843, 10 February 2014 - - - - - - · 99 views

and as much as I love the few friends I have who are on the site/help run the site, I don't miss it a single bit because of the bad history I have here. I am a much different person now and I hope everybody else has changed for the better as well.


Hello guys

Posted by monypm in The best blog by monypm, 29 January 2014 - * * * * * · 157 views

Hello! I came back (again lol), at least to keep in touch a little bit. I learnt a lot this year. Know I officially know mathematicians (or to-be mathematicians) are nuts (if you are a mathematician, embrace it). I didn't get to go to the national stage of a math contest I was in (thankfully). I entered again this year, but if I get to the state stage, I...


Hairy Bikers Caricature!

Posted by StickManDude in StickManBlogs :P, 20 January 2014 - * * * * * · 303 views
caricature, Hairy Bikers and 1 more...

Hey Sacks n Sackettes - thought you might like to check out a fun commission I had a little while ago to create a caricature of TV chefs 'The Hairy Bikers' Si (Simon) and Dave for a label printing company aalabels.com - had a blast with this one! Dave (the one with glasses) had recently been on the TV dance show 'Strictly Come Dancing'.
They printed out t...


New level In the making. ^_^

Posted by Lbphart3 in Lbphart3's Blog, 18 January 2014 - - - - - - · 254 views

Its been a  while  since   iv  created  any  thing,Im   trying  to  come  up   with idea's...But  haven't  thought  of  any  thing  yet  so  i   thought id  make a  new  model  of  Titanic.

The last Model  I made  was  in  2012. ^_^


My Signature?!

Posted by Bonnell7 in Bonnell7's happenings, 16 January 2014 - - - - - - · 197 views

My signature has gone all wonky! Does anyone know what's up with it? I tried to go to the LittleSigPlanet website, but it has apparently met it's data limit.
Is this temporary, or do I need to make a new signature?


Popped Back in for Awhile!

Posted by Lionio in LittleBigLion, 11 January 2014 - * * * * * · 228 views

hey guys! Littlebiglion here for anyone that remembers me.
Not much to say here, if ya remember me, comment and I'll talk to you there :)
My steam is Drunken Dragon or Nuka_Wolf for anyone who wants to add me.


LBN Greeting Cards

Posted by Pookachoo in Misc, 04 January 2014 - * * * * * · 382 views

Here's a montage of our community greeting cards, great work everyone!

Link to the pick on flickr - If you right click on the pic you can see it full size and download the image - if anyone wants to :)




Posted by Idgo in Things I want to talk about, 29 December 2013 - - - - - - · 337 views

HOLY HECK GUYS IT'S BEEN FRIGGING AGES! Anyway, hello! Great to see you! Massive apologies for not coming online as often as I'd like to, school has been incredibly stressful, even the time I have on LBP itself is limited, let alone LBN. :| Those peeps who've been here since early Summer 2013 may recognise me, although I may be a fresh face to the newer p...


Merry Christmas to all of LBN

Posted by the sexy sack man in the sexy sack man's Blog, 24 December 2013 - * * * * * · 316 views
christmas, LBN

I just thought I would wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year whilst I remember :P
Its been an eventful year and I have come to realise that even though this is just a site on the internet, I still do hold it very close. I have shared a lot of emotions within just this year alone on this site, and I would just like to say thank you for being...


Merry Christmas LBN!

Posted by oxford1791 in Merry Christmas LBN!, 20 December 2013 - * * * * * · 283 views
Thank you! mince pies, food and 2 more...

Thank you LBN for letting me belong to LBN since April! Merry Christmas dear friends! :)


Yeah! Elusive dragon here :)

Posted by whiteabyssdragon in Dragon's Lair, 16 December 2013 - - - - - - · 253 views

Well, I haven't been on the forum much, but my goal is to check it at least once every day.
I've been playing league of legends mostly haha. Haven't really talked to you guys a ton, I've discovered my real passion though.. music! :) i play almost everything ;) jkjk.... Just drums and guitar. I don't suck but i aint the best ;) life is crazy though. I miss...

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