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The first steps

Posted by CuriousSack , 11 November 2017 · 61 views

Hello friends,

in LBPC I've revived my old blog, which has been a kind of Creation Diary! I've changed it into a Composing Diary, where I want to show you step by step, how I'm composing a song! I thought to myself...why not doing the blog also in littlebignetwork, so welcome to CuriousSack's Music Creation Diary! :)

I've done two videos so far, video one is describing how I get my first ideas, video two shows you, how I write the idea down to music paper! :)

Posted Image

Posted Image

In my next video I will show, how I give in the notes into the music sequencer! :)
...btw, sorry for me maltreating the English language! :)

Many greetings, J├╝rgen^^

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Nov 16 2017 11:07 PM

Really interesting to see the process of composing music. Great to watch the development from playing, to handwriting and then the final sheet music.

Once the sheet music is in the computer, is the music program able to play the compostition it with other instruments such as guitar, strings or voices?

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Nov 17 2017 08:04 AM

Hi Malcolm, the free little program "Finale Notepad 2012" is a very limited version of a professional notation program. You can give in notes for different instruments however and the printed sheet is looking much tidier than my hand written notations! :) (I'm still using the version 2012 though there are already newer versions f.e. finale notepad 2015) :)

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