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Elder Scrolls Online - More Leveling and Champion Points

Posted by katanagirl1 , 04 December 2017 · 67 views

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I took advantage of the Witches’ Festival that took place around Halloween to get twice the experience points during the event and more quickly level up my NIghtblade. I’ve been researching champion points for my class and allocating them in areas to shore up the character’s weakness in damage dealt and damage received, and especially spell and fire damage to my character, which this Khajiit Nightblade seems painfully susceptible. My main goal is not to level up as fast as possible, but these champion points are making it easier to survive and not die as often. I should mention that my main goal is to unlock all the locations on the map, and to complete them to get the achievements. So far I’ve done all delves because I can solo them, and public dungeons because I can tag along with other groups and camp out until there are enough people around to fight the bosses. I was able to get all world bosses during the Witches’ Festival without much trouble because there were so many people playing then. There are still many group dungeons I have not completed because I have queued up in the Activity Finder by myself (as a dps) and waited up to about 2 hours and not got placed in a dungeon group. Occasionally I can find a group in one of my guilds.

I’m also starting to move away from the advice of running all stamina glyphs on the armor pieces I have (which are again all heavy at this point). I’ve done a few duels and got beaten fairly quickly from lack of healing abilities. I crafted three pieces of Song of Lamae set amor and put stamina glyphs on them, those set pieces give me added physical and spell resistance. Interestingly enough, that is not more than the extra physical and spell resistance that equipping the old armor pieces I got from drops with the Reinforced trait on them. I also picked up a Monster Helm from running a vet level dungeon with a group, and received some other armor pieces from the Pariah set from a friend, which give health bonuses, and were enchanted with health glyphs. I turned on the damage numbers in the Options menu to see the difference in my damage output now with less maximum stamina, and didn’t really see a significant difference, which surprised me. I seem to lose less health when fighting solo so that is a good thing.

At this point I have been able to get a lot of the areas in Craglorn completed by camping out at locations and fighting along with other groups. I still have Shada’s Tear and the Warrior’s School uncompleted at this time, plus a few other daily quests. Craglorn is a fabulous area intended as end game content and has lots of group delves, group quests, and daily group quests. I hope to do some of the trials in that area and elsewhere with this character, but would like to get more dungeon experience and find a group that can tell me if this character is strong enough to do trials. I would not expect that I could be successful enough to get all the armor sets from these trials, but would like to do each one at least once to get the completion. I would also like to get more Undaunted trophies from completing the group dungeons.

I should mention that I have played a lot of RPGs but not an MMORPG (I played Diablo 3 offline solo) and never had to do much research to get a successful character build. That is definitely not the case here, as I have done research nearly every day for several months for this character and am still not entirely happy with the result. All of this research has led me to the conclusion that the only way to really make a Nightblade successfully is to not run it in the way it was intended – as a stealth assassin. Suggestions of improvement so far have been the following:

1. use two-handed weapon for skills
2. use Restoration staff for skills
3. become a werewolf (for skills)
4. become a vampire (for skills)
5. use a tank build (pairs with the first point above)
6. use a healer build (pairs with the second point above)

The game has undergone various changes throughout its lifetime, and old posts seem to indicate that the Nightblade was a strong character early on, but a lot of the skills in the class skill tree were made less effective at some point. I have found few of them to be helpful, and I finally understand why. The Nightblade skills are based on maximum magicka and weapon skills are based on maximum stamina. Following the advice to go all stamina in attribute points makes weapon attacks have more damage, but the class skills suffer because of the lack of magicka points allocated. If you run in a dungeon group this is not a really big problem because you have a healer in your group, but if you do most activities solo like I have done, your healing abilities are not adequate. I do not believe that spliiting up your attribute points between stamina and magicka would be effective either, it would likely make weapon attacks too weak and still the class skills would be weak. The designers of ESO like to promote the flexibility of the classes, but if you want to run a tank or a healer, it would be much easier to just pick another class.

The champion points are allocated using a constellation system similar to Skyrim. There are three constellations each for the Mage, Warrior, and Thief. I have used only two constellations each for my character. Here are the champion points I have used up to this point:

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I put a few points in the Tower in Warlord because I was having difficulty with break free and not having enough stamina. I also put some in Siphoning to try to help with healing.

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Some points in the Lover here in Healthy, but mostly in Tenacity and Mooncalf to get my stamina regeneration higher.

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The Atronach got some points in Physical Weapon Expert and Master-At-Arms to increase weapon damage.

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Points were allocated in all in the Ritual to increase damage by increasing physical penetration and damage over time attacks.

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Points in the Lady in Elemental Defender to decrease damage from fire especially. Thick Skinned and Hardy points are used to decrease physical damage.

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The Steed points are used for Spell Shield to reduce or negate spell effects, and Resistant and Ironclad for physical damage.

At this point, I feel like I'm doing fairly well with physical damage, and spell damage is better, but some kinds of fire are still quite a problem. The fire projectiles from magic users aren't as deadly as before, but the walls of fire that Scamps and Banekin use can still severely knock down my health if more than 3 enemies are present. I can generally handle up to five enemies as long as I get the jump by using a stealth attack. If I accidentally run into a group, it can take a while to defeat them and require the liberal use of healing abilities. Even after allocating these points for increased damage and running all stamina glyphs, my damage is not what I had hoped it would be, even when using dual wield. I will continue to research and try things out to improve my character if I can.

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