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Elder Scrolls - Oblivion and Skyrim


Elder Scrolls Online - MMORPG

Posted by katanagirl1 , 16 September 2017 · 47 views
Elder Scrolls Online, ESO, PS4 and 5 more...
I'm continuing my gaming into the Elder Scrolls Online, a MMORPG created with the lore and mostly the style of the previous games which were single player only. Since I'm just now getting around to playing it, it is possible to travel freely throughout Tamriel unlike before the One Tamriel update, but I am choosing to pursue the storyline for the Aldmeri...


Finishing up Skyrim

Posted by katanagirl1 , 08 August 2017 · 143 views

Well, I think I've just about done everything I wanted to do in Skyrim, short of getting the Dawnguard DLC, getting a crossbow, and making some dragon armor and bows. I completed the Dark Brotherhood quest line, which had some surprises, but overall was not an enjoyable experience for me. By the time I started it, I was pretty used to the standard quests...


So Much for My Character Being a Good Guy...

Posted by katanagirl1 , 24 July 2017 · 126 views

I had forgotten that in Oblivion I was unable to get the best resolution for some sidequests because I didn't want to break into a shop or steal some item. That obstacle has returned in Skyrim. I had completed the Mage's Guild and the Companions up to a certain point, but had decided to probably leave the Thieves' Guild and Dark Brotherhood until after...


Comparing Oblivion to Skyrim

Posted by katanagirl1 , 20 July 2017 · 136 views
Elder Scrolls, Oblivion, Skyrim and 2 more...
This is quite a wall of text, so I understand if you aren't interested in reading it all. I'll summarize things in the next blog entry where I go on to try to contemplate and quantify what makes a good game and what makes a game fun.

I've had these two games on disc for PS3 for quite a long time. I've always loved RPGs, especially the Dungeons and Dragon...

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