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Create Competition (Music)

Posted by MusicMan234 , 03 December 2012 · 755 views

In the past I have hosted a create competition. The requirements were to create a multi-step bomb. An example would have been a rocket that has mini parts that fall off and explode or enhance with the lighting. The next competition will be about music judged by me.

My Qualifications
Now you may think I only have 60 hearts and I am not famous enough to know anything. But to show you I am highly qualified to judge music. I have played guitar (acoustic and electric) for 7 years. I have been in band as a percussionist for 5 years. I play drum set and and other percussion. I have played piano for 4 years. Piano isn't my thing but I can play pretty well. I have written about 11 songs (out side of lbp2) I have written about 15 songs in LBP2. It is much easier than recording everything considering you don't need to be skilled to play without mistakes! You can win 4 of my songs on my 25 Mini Challenges level on my Earth if you want to see for yourself. I can guarantee you wont get them all on your first try though lol. My uncle who is also a song writer has taught me much about songs. Half of my life revolves around music and the other half is all of my other hobbies. I will be 17 years old in March. I would consider myself an Expert Creator because I am a wiz with logic and I have played LBP1 for 4 months and LBP2 for over a year. I also do not focus on one type of creating. I have things I prefer but I create many different things. I create music, platformers, survival challenges, movies, vehicles, weapons, versus levels, random levels. I can't think of any more categories but I create it all. I also am currently in a band.

Info: I have no info on when this competition will be or what the prize will be, but I can tell you that there will be a prize for winning 1st 2nd and 3rd. The requirements will be to create a song that is in a level alone and has Not been published before.

This is just a heads up to all you music lovers who are looking to show your talent to the rest of lbp2.

Ill give you more info when I get it-

Thanks for reading

DEFINITELY count me in! This should be fun! ^_^
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Dec 03 2012 10:45 PM
I knew you would be the first to answer
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