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#456470 Take a look at my Little Big Planet Menu Font Level

Posted by SACK-BEAVER on 22 July 2012 - 02:14 PM

i recreated the Little Big Planet Menu Font Paint tool stickers & Oblects
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#490394 Castle Courtyard/Hang Ten 3, For the birds from Leaf-on-wind

Posted by MichaelJO on 10 March 2014 - 07:10 AM

Hey all. Just wanted to share 2 levels from a friend I sometimes Kart and create with, Leaf-On-Wind. Each level has at least a sequel so stick around if you have the karting chops, Chicky-check it:


Hang Ten 3, for the birds: https://karting.lbp.me/v/r9y0


A fun challenge where you collect eggs for points. This one changes midway through and you end up taking on your friends AND Baby Bird. 4 player.




Castle Courtyard: https://karting.lbp.me/v/r9y8


Strictly a boss arena, this battle ain't over till one of you leaves this castle.




Funky Devil Hop: https://karting.lbp.me/v/107qg


Big jumps, hard drifts and fast lines! What more could a sack person want? Maybe a few prizes.


Attached File  FDH.jpg   78.91KB   0 downloads

(Level in progress, still, check it out and leave feedback/pointers)

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#503576 LBP PSP: The most dissapointing LBP game.

Posted by century on 08 December 2014 - 01:59 PM

Apart from the fact that LBP PSP had a beta, LBP PSP has no credibility whatsoever.

As soon as you play into the first level, the story is not clear, and nothing makes sense. I don't understand where they were going with the story, because it's even more ludicrous then what LBP turned out to have. Nothing is straightfoward, nothing makes sense. It's like you're in this one place this time, and you wake up to be in this snowy dump the next. It's like you never even realize you are going to some place thats supposed to represent Brazil but doesn't look like it until you get there.

But the create mode must be great! NO. You are confined to large grid or stamps that don't overlap when placing materials. This is insulting because it's made obvious you don't need to be confined to these restraints (why large grid?). And there aren't any objects like in LittleBigPlanet, you are confined to the limits of materials. Tutorials are just insuting: all they are, are videos. Every single one of them. This isn't technological limits, this is flat out lazy. No way in hell would you not be able to put tutorials you can jump into and try out the items in a specialized enviroment, oh no. They could even have done LBP2esque tutorials. But oh no, too much work, hurr hurr. They also cut out so much stuff: look, here, unused tutorial videos. https://m.youtube.co...h?v=f3M2cKYSufc . I understand in-game pictures, but why remove the goddamn simple stuff like Level Keys? Why? Whhyyyyy
Also, you can't place stickers on Sackboy. These are one of the simple things that you'd think be technologically hindered, until you understand the logic behind it. Here is how i think it works, and im probably right; Every time you place a sticker on Sackboy, it maps it to a texture map, preferably an seperate overlay. The sackboy texture would be in a whole file. This is why if you were to place a sticker on sackboys tounge, it would also sometimes map to his hands and feet, as they are the textures closest to the tounge. This is one of those simple things that people don't implement not even because they are lazy, but because they like to piss people off.

You'd think Story Mode would look beautiful, but only the opening sequence displays this. The rest of the game looks like the work of a 9yr/o. You'd think it be fun. You've probably made a big mistake. A redeeming feature is that it's a level longer then LBP1. A level. Now thats good!

A lot of the costume selection is this: Fantasy characters, animals and skimpy girl outfits. Like, when i think of LBP PSP costumes, all i can think of are the countless costumes that are basically clones of LBP2's Marie, who is perfectly acceptable in the context for the clothes she is wearing. Not LBP PSP characters. Also, Alpine lederhosen. Talking about skimpy girl outfits, a redeeming feature of LBP PSP is that it doesn't have meerkat strip clubs and jokes about erections like LBP did. You'd think the skimpy girl outfits would be a plus (pervert), but you can't place stickers on sackthing, so all customizability there is gone. (pervert.)

Atleast the game is stable, right? Wrong. It's infamous for it's instability. Every time you exit out of a level on your moon, crash. When placing objects, crash. Everything corrupts the game to pieces. It's even worse the LBP3, and that's saying a lot. Like, a lot. A really, really big "lot", considering LBP3 freezes every time you delete a sackbot. Sure, they did have a patch, but, thats kind of what they say with LBP3, and nobody is getting over it.

And there was no incentive to get it, no special thing. With LBP Vita, it brought everything to the table, not just touch features, but the memorizer, this, that. LBP PSP basically was what LBP would be like if all the developers were drunk. The only new feature was thats it's for PSP. And it has downgraded everything. And it has lots of skimpy girl outfits. Thats it.

So many things were cut in a rush. This game should get as much hate LBP3 gets in a year. In a day. Every day. For the rest of it's crappy lifetime. In which it's dead already, so we should celebrate.

Oh wait! I didn't even mention it only has two layers! And that the pod has been removed! And...
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#493252 memoriser tutorial

Posted by mirjanneke on 07 May 2014 - 04:49 PM

Welcome to my memoriser tutorial

I will try to keep it as simple and basic as possible.

A memoriser can help you in many ways, but I will focus on saving progress of a player.


First, a memoriser doesn't do anything by itself.

You will have program every little step of the way.

You will have to tell it what to save and when, and what it should do with it.

As a good friend taught me, tags are your best friend:)







But first lets take a look at the memoriser




On the bottom are 2 inputs

On the left is the one that activates the memoriser

On the right is the reset input

You can use different ways to activate these, a playersensor, or a tagsensor, anything basically that turns things on





On the left side of the memoriser are the inputs for events you want to save.

A task completed, secret found, puzzle finished, you name it.

Or the score a player got.

Don't forget to let it save every time something needs to be saved, it doesn't keep on saving!




On the right side of the memoriser is the output.

Here you tell it what to do when it's input is triggered.

You need to put logic here that will recreate the progress that was saved.


Here is when tags and tagsensors come in handy.


When a task is for filled, let it light up a tag to activate tagsensor on memoriser.

Next time a player comes to  the level, this sensor will be on again.

And its output on the other side will be on too.

Use this output to recreate the event you wanted to save.


for example

On my puzzle level I used 2 tagsensors and an orgate to trigger a tag that says a puzzle is finished.

1 Sensor responds to the player actually solving the puzzle.

The other sensor is set to respond to a tag triggered by the memoriser.

Either way the puzzle looks finished :)


Score saving works a bit different.

I'll make a separate post for it soon :)


If anything in here isn't clear, or if anyone wants to know more, just ask :)

I'll be more than happy to try and answer ;)


have a nice day ;)

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#467023 Invisible, non-colliding material

Posted by aratiatia on 03 December 2012 - 11:26 PM

Hey, can anyone tell me what Karting material has the same properties as LBP2 hologram or sticker material?

Since you can only place logic on material or objects, not tracks, fences or terrain, I want a material that is invisible (Karting hologram does not go invisible, just black) and non-colliding (that rules out force field material) that I can place for logic.

Any suggestions?

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#520573 modnation racers vs lbpk

Posted by heker on 02 September 2015 - 09:03 AM

I wanted u do ask whats better i like modnation racers a bit more but lbpk is also cool
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#391219 The General video game discussion thread

Posted by EnochRoot on 19 December 2010 - 09:18 PM

Posted Image

A thread to for all those small discussions or queries involving the wonderful world of videogames!

All related posts welcome. So if you have something to post and don't think it merits a whole thread or if you just want a general discussion of gaming habits, the videogame industry or gaming behaviour please feel free to contribute.

And to kick off....with the January sales heading our way and retailers already hoping to clear older games to make room for the new can anyone recommend some bargain PS3 games they've spotted?

I purchased the sadly undeated Neir recently and was very pleasantly surprised by how much fun it is.
On the shelf of my local supermarket ASDA I spotted a couple of games all under £15..has anyone played them?Are they worth a purchase?

ModNation Racers (I know this is fun)

Kane & Lynch 2 ( I never played the 1st or this? )

Castlevania (Not long released?)

All opinions welcome.
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#455115 the weekly grunge: reviews by nirvana

Posted by nirvana on 06 July 2012 - 06:00 PM

Posted Image

hello all,

i've decided to create a review thread and am inviting anyone who has a level they would like to submit for constructive feedback to post their requests here. the only thing i ask is that it's a level for which i've never left feedback.

unlike some review threads, i am not going to rate a level through numerical or symbolic means (for instance stars, or percentages via category and overall grade). i'm not even going to say whether i've hearted a level. after playing this game for over two years, hearts mean different things to different people. i know people who heart levels on general enjoyment, others who heart only those levels that are truly memorable to them.

what i aim to do with my reviews is attempt to give my overall experience of each level and it's up to each individual to decide for themselves whether to play it or not. hopefully, if you're like me, you won't let any opinion sway you either way whether to play a level. what i do hope for is that these reviews will spark some discussion on levels being reviewed. for instance, whether as the creator or a player, if you disagree with any of my opinions, feel free to jump into the discussion, or point out aspects of a level i might have missed. most of all i hope that people will just have fun in this thread.

for my part, i will do my best to give reviews on at least a weekly basis, hopefully more, if the demand is there, offering specifics as to what i liked and what i didn't in areas applicable to each individual level, whether story, gameplay, level design, movie, etc. it's my goal to give fair, thorough reviews and all criticisms given are meant to be helpful. as i mentioned, if you have differing opinions, i welcome opposing viewpoints. i also reserve the right to review levels whose creators might not be members of this forum, but because the playing experience might be a unique one, i may feel compelled to comment.

so, if any of the above interests you, don't be shy and post your level. the weekly grunge thread is now open.
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#509195 New Level Trailer

Posted by Under The Moons on 17 February 2015 - 03:42 PM

Hey guys,


So over the last week I'v been working on a level which I'm hoping will push the bar of what many casual LBPK players/ deniers think of the game.


Anyway, here's the link. https://www.youtube....h?v=3BIqRHfJEcY




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#530690 Help with 4x story prize

Posted by Lalo2795 on 15 September 2016 - 06:25 PM

Hello there! i need some help with 4x prize bubble so i can get 100%


but everytime i have 3 players with me they leave so can you please help me?


My psn is:lalito1011 btw

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#486075 Sack Quest! PS4 & Crown contest

Posted by EnochRoot on 05 December 2013 - 12:27 PM


LittleBigNetwork is proud to present the latest in a long line of Epic contests. 

             SACK QUEST!...the search for awesome!


A crown contest open to everyone with an extra special prize..a brand new shiny PS4! Runner up prizes including the exclusive in game pin, sack figures and PS3 games!


Between now and Friday 7th March 2014 create a level based on an epic quest, the level can be of any genre but must contain gameplay. Creators can use up to three linked slots and must be a new previously unpublished level.


Register your name and profiles LBP.me link in the participants thread On LittlebigNetwork


Publish your entry between Fri 7th march - midnight GMT Tues 11th 2014...including the title prefix LBN SACKQUEST:  and add the wording " an entry in Littlebignetworks SackQuest" in your level description.


Remember to add your Levels LBP.me link in the participants thread when the publishing  deadline arrives!

As always originality and creativity will be rewarded...have fun and enjoy your Quest for a crown and PS4!

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#528303 Grand turismo sport ps4

Posted by propost on 27 May 2016 - 11:23 AM

I'm really looking forward to this game!

I've been playing grand turismo since the first release and I already love the new footage!
Only episode I didnt play was gt6

It will take a while to be there (November 2016) but it's definitely worth waiting for!

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#530014 No Man's Sky

Posted by Ghostseeker on 09 August 2016 - 11:06 PM



A thread dedicated to No Man's Sky. Talk anything No Man's Sky related! :D


What are your thoughts and opinion on this game so far?

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#523825 Official Dreams Forum, Live Stream and FAQ

Posted by Pookachoo on 27 December 2015 - 06:43 PM

Media Molecule has their own PS4 Community

Dreams - Playstation Forum

In particular, I'd like to point out that there's a thread where you can let them know anything you want to see demonstrated in upcoming live streams:

Next Live Stream: To be decided

You can view the live stream via the PS4 Events, or Twitch (which is also available as a Playstation App).
And of course the past live streams can be watched on YouTube :)

Questions frequently asked during the live streams

[center]Answers gathered from various live streams, social media, and conversations with the developers at MM's PSX party.
Q: When will the game be released?

A: Nothing official has been said about a release date, but speculations that we'll get it sometime in 2017 have gone unchallenged.

Q: When is the Beta and how do I take part?
A: Beta is planned for this year. It will begin with a small, select group, and expand gradually - most likely to become public before the full game is released. We don't have details on Beta participation yet, but new info will be posted here at LBN as it becomes available.

Q: Will Dreams have a story/campaign mode? In other words, is really a playable game?
A: Yes. In addition to being a create tool, Dreams will also stand alone as fully playable game.

Q: Do I have to use two Move controllers?
[size=4]A: No - you can use a regular DS4, no Move controller is required. However if you do use the Move, you will need two of them. You can alternate between using a DS4 and two Moves as it suites you.

Q: Does everything have to look like it's made out of clay?
A: No, you will be able to create in a wide range of visual styles. So far we've seen more of the clay sculpted look because that is the signature style of Dreams, but we're not limited by that. Shapes can have soft or hard edges, and look like shiny metal, wispy clouds, or anything in between.

Q: What if I'm not a sculptor? Will I be able to create anything?
A: Yes. If creating entirely from scratch doesn't suit your style, you will be able to make your own designs using components that have already be created by the developers and the community.

Q: If I publish a creation, will other players be able to use it and take credit for my work?
A: No. Everything that's published, whether it's an entire playable Dream or just a small bit of scenery, will keep a record of the original creator and anyone else who has contributed. So if you create some really cool eyeballs and a friend uses those to create a character, when that character is publish you will both be credited as its creators.

Q: Can I make music in Dreams?
A: Yes (although this hasn't been shown yet, it will be a feature)

Q: Can I make movies in Dreams?
A: Yes

Q: Dreams looks like it's all eye candy, will there be a logic system for creating interactivity?
A: Yes. So far we've been shown only just a tiny glimpse at interactivity through recording gestures, but in Dreams you will be able to do anything could in LBP, and more.

Q: Will Dreams be compatible with Playstation VR?
A: Yes. Playstation has said that all PS4 titles can be played in the VR "cinematic mode." Beyond that however, MM is working to make Dreams work as as a true VR game.

Q: Can I make realistic water and other animated textures in Dreams?
A: Yes

Q: Will characters in Dreams be able to swim?
A: Yes
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#526785 Ai needs friends

Posted by TheLastDodo2016 on 08 April 2016 - 05:54 PM

Ai need friends my Psn is TheLastDodo2007
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#526556 Cracking down on QPQ

Posted by Pookachoo on 02 April 2016 - 12:15 AM

Some of you naughty Sacks haven't been doing your QPQ in the levels forum!

Okay, we realize things have slowed down a bit around here. So from now on postings in the LBP3 Levels Forum will require only 1 QPQ - it doesn't take long, and we will be enforcing this.

If you haven't done your QPQ yet, get going!


Whether you're a new Sack or an LBN veteran, please take a moment to review the New QPQ Rule


LBP1 and LBP2 levels will no longer require QPQ ;)

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#529060 LittleBigPlanet Speedrunning Contest

Posted by p-p-j on 01 July 2016 - 09:03 PM

I'm hosting a speedrunning contest over at LittleBigForum with The Rare Prize Crown as the prize. Link to thread: http://www.littlebig...ad.php?tid=4124
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#530307 LBN Sacknap Crown Competition

Posted by Pookachoo on 26 August 2016 - 06:46 AM



Sacknap Film and Game Competition


When your Sackboy, or Sackgirl dozes off, what do they dream of? Without the confines of the "real" world, Sackthings are free to do anything and become anyone!

Unleash your creativity - take us away from reality into the dream world with a new and original creation. You may use up to 3 levels, either contained in an Adventure, or simply linked on your Earth.

Remember that quality is more important than quantity - a short, yet highly refined level wins more favor from the judges than a large and unpolished one.

Publish your level no later than October 23rd and post the LBP.me link in the Sacknap Participants Thread: http://www.littlebig...cipants-thread/



This competition has 2 categories, with prizes being given for each. You must choose which category is appropriate for your creation (you cannot enter both)



This category is for levels that are entirely or mostly cinematic. Levels can have non-challenging gameplay, but the player should mainly be a spectator.



This category is for gameplay focused levels. You can have short cinematics, but most of the level should be interactive. Levels in this category should actively engage the player with some challenging elements.



The winner of each category will receive a Crown and rare LBN pin!




Additional pins for runner-ups may be given depending on the number of entries, and at the discretion of the judges.





Publish by 11:59pm GMT on October 23rd

Up to 3 linked levels

Levels must be playable in LBP3

One entry per creator

Include "LBN Sacknap" in the title

Specify either Film or Game category for your level (you may not enter both)





Can my dream level be a nightmare?

Yes, levels can be scary - Halloween is coming soon, after all! Just keep it suitable for kids in the community.


Am I allowed to co-create with a friend?

Yes, however only one Crown and one Pin will be awarded, and those will go to the profile on which the winning level is published.


What happens if the winner in either category already has a Crown or Pin?

The prizes will be passed on to 2nd place in that same category.


My level is half gameplay and half cinematic. Which category should I choose?

It's up for you to decide whether your level engages the player or makes them more a spectator.


Does this competition have anything to do with the upcoming MM game Dreams?

No. But if something about that game inspires you, that's fine - but it's not the main focus of the contest.

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#494927 Minecraft PS4 Edition

Posted by Bonnell7 on 11 June 2014 - 12:00 AM

Your blocks will never stack the same way ever again… kinda...




Minecraft: PS4 Edition:



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#524980 Unravel

Posted by b-coli on 09 February 2016 - 01:59 PM




ok, now that i have your attention :)

Unravel came out yesterday in the states, i started playing it about 1 second after it said i could when 9pm came around here on the west coast. i spent about an hour playing it last night and really enjoyed the art style, the way they mix real images with gameplay. it DOES feel a lot like the first time you played LBP... cute character. its neat to watch yarny walk along and notice things as he/she goes. like when i was walking by a seesaw and there was a hedghog in the background walking, yarny turns his/her head and watched it walk past, or chases butterflies.. its neat. the puzzles are pretty basic, i can tell some are going to be a challenge and make you think a bit. :p: there are also little collectibles in each level. 


the way they do the main "hub" area where you choose which level you want to play, is neat too. you have to explore to find the level links, sorta like one of our LBN HUBS :p: 


i would highly recommend this game to anyone that likes LBP or pretty platformers. i am only a level and a half in and already think its worth the $20 price tag.


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