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#486075 Sack Quest! PS4 & Crown contest

Posted by EnochRoot on 05 December 2013 - 12:27 PM


LittleBigNetwork is proud to present the latest in a long line of Epic contests. 

             SACK QUEST!...the search for awesome!


A crown contest open to everyone with an extra special prize..a brand new shiny PS4! Runner up prizes including the exclusive in game pin, sack figures and PS3 games!


Between now and Friday 7th March 2014 create a level based on an epic quest, the level can be of any genre but must contain gameplay. Creators can use up to three linked slots and must be a new previously unpublished level.


Register your name and profiles LBP.me link in the participants thread On LittlebigNetwork


Publish your entry between Fri 7th march - midnight GMT Tues 11th 2014...including the title prefix LBN SACKQUEST:  and add the wording " an entry in Littlebignetworks SackQuest" in your level description.


Remember to add your Levels LBP.me link in the participants thread when the publishing  deadline arrives!

As always originality and creativity will be rewarded...have fun and enjoy your Quest for a crown and PS4!

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#491137 Promotions

Posted by EnochRoot on 20 March 2014 - 08:59 PM



The time has come once again (some would say way overdue) to recognize the contributions and overall friendliness of the many great sackheads whose efforts help to make this site the friendly fun place it is.

The following members have gone out of their way to either support the forum in different ways, or just made it a friendlier, funner place for people to hang out and meet others with similar interests.

Don't feel overlooked if you don't see your name this time around... There will be more promotions in the near future ;)

Without further ado, it is time for.............



Happy Sacks

The heart and soul of the forum. A bunch of happy gadders, their love of LBP shines out in all they do and say. Always fun and friendly, happy to help anyone wherever and whenever they can...playing-creating-sharing...they can do it all in top LBP style!





Rpg Maker











A group of fun experienced sacks, accomplished creators who are happy to share their insight, answer queries, post feedback and undertake sometimes arduous, boring tasks to help keep things running smoothly.









Honored Sacks

Sacks recognized for their work, achievements, positive input everywhere on the site and throughout the wonderful sackverse that is LittleBigPlanet. The embodiment of the PLAY-SHARE-CREATE ethos.




Congratulations to everyone!!!
Our sincere thanks for everything you do to help make this site the special place that it is.
And a GIANT THANK YOU!!!! to our current staff of volunteers for helping everything run smoothly. ;)

b-coli, FIyingIrishman, EnochRoot & rkNrolla (and off course our lovely team!)

Keep posting and having fun folks! Next round of promotions soon! sackboysmile.png

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#472986 Promotions Early 2013 edition

Posted by EnochRoot on 15 February 2013 - 10:04 PM

Howdy fellow sackheads!!!

The time has come once again(some would say way overdue) to recognize the contributions and overall friendliness of the many great sackheads whose efforts help to make this site the friendly fun place it is. The following members have gone out of their way to either support the forum in different ways, or just made it a friendlier, funner place for people to hang out and meet others with similar interests. Don't feel overlooked if you don't see your name this time around... There will be more promotions in the near future

Without further ado, it is time for.............

Posted Image

Happy Sacks
The heart and soul of the forum. A bunch of happy gadders, their love of LBP shines out in all they do and say. Always fun and friendly, happy to help anyone wherever and whenever they can...playing-creating-sharing...they can do it all in top LBP style!

alpha_sackboy_14, apecheese, BiggiSchnupsi, ClockworkDemon, Grayspence, greensmurfy, Insert display name here., Jauw, Lbphart3, mcdonald1967, piratebay87, Tevlon1, TheFloppysackboy,

A group of fun experienced sacks, accomplished creators who are happy to share their insight, answer queries, post feedback and undertake sometimes arduous, boring tasks to help keep things running smoothly.

avundcv, BlackbeltNick95, xSpArKii_ViiRuSx,


The hard working core of volunteers who spend their free time cleaning up the forums, hunting spambots, answering enquiries....the caretakers and friendly guiding hand for all. Feel free to pop by their profiles if you have any questions.

Ryumera, the sexy sack man,

Honoured Sacks
Sacks recognized for their work, achievements, positive input everywhere on the site and throughout the wonderful sackverse that is LittleBigPlanet. The embodiment of the PLAY-SHARE-CREATE ethos.


(We reserve the right to shift a few from Honored to Mod status too in the next few days also) ;)

And last but not least, a new addition to our Admin team , in recognition of his steadfast and even handed moderation input over the past few years...


Congratulations to everyone!!!
Our sincere thanks for everything you do to help make this site the special place that it is.
And a GIANT THANK YOU!!!! to our current staff of volunteers for helping everything run smoothly. ;)

b-coli, EnochRoot & rkNrolla (and off course our lovely team!)

Keep posting and having fun folks! Next round of promotions due end of may! :D

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#477234 Acts of Green Crown Contest

Posted by EnochRoot on 22 April 2013 - 08:18 AM






Acts of Green Crown Contest

Promotional trailer level:http://lbp.me/v/kf1wns

Presenting the Acts of Green Crown Contest in which creators are invited to create an original, previously unpublished level that addresses and highlights an ecological issue that the planet faces...Pollution, endangered species, global warming, recycling etc.  Any genre of level can be submitted and it must be published between Friday 31st may - Tuesday 4th June.  No level links, only one level slot / thermo per entry.Please place the prefix (AOG) in your level title. Please feel free to post any questions/ discussion in this thread. This contest is open to LBP1, LBP2 and LBPK formats.


1st prize  LBP Crown, exclusive LBN winners pin, Three Playstation 3 games and a tree planted in the winners name http://www.woodlandt....t-a-tree.aspx/ or animal adopted http://gifts.worldwi....Adoptions.aspx

                             Runner up prizes of PS3 games and PSN credit too!


register your entry in the participants thread



A good natured theme that will hopefully show LBP and the LBP community in a positive light!
For more information on International Earth day click here -->  http://www.earthday.org/
A BIG THANKS to Butaneflame and Stickmandude for their work in developing this contest!

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#471946 LBN AWARDS

Posted by EnochRoot on 02 February 2013 - 10:48 PM

Posted ImagePosted Image

Another fun filled year has drawn to a close and it is with great pleasure we give thanks and acknowledgement to some of the special folk who have provided so much fun and inspiration last year in the LittleBigNetwork Annual Awards, a celebration of all the PLAY-CREATE-SHARE fun that makes LBP such a wonderful gaming experience.
A variety of award catagories recognising creative achievements, random acts of fun and lunacy that give the forum its unique ethos and atmosphere.

Funniest Member of the year!

Posted Image

On a forum filled with funsters, fruitcakes and jokers of all shape and size one sackboy has consistently provided chuckles and belly laughs with his good natured, funny posts and blogs. Always quick with a quip, a random hello or some friendly banter to cheer people up when they're down...



Friendliest Member of the year!

Posted Image

In a forum that prides itself on it's friendly, easy going vibe one member has demonstrated such an enthusiasm in greeting newcomers, helping run contests, always looking out for ways to make a fun and friendly positive contribution, the ever upbeat, turbo charged ball of energy that is...



Reviewer of the Year!

Posted Image

That special breed of sack who selflessly play and analyse creators levels providing such highly regarded feedback and insights, pushing creators on to further endeavours and heights. Through QPQ in the levels section, in game level reviews and in their on forum review threads. A big thanks from every creator to you all for all your work. The reviewer whose thread is so highly regarded by all who were lucky enough to get a review...



Contest of the Year!

Posted Image

LBN has always been a leader in innovative events and epics contests! The past year saw pod and costume, swapmeets, major crown contest, and a myriad of miscellaneous events. The forum has voted and a favourite has emerged. The LBN Tribute Crown contest filled with an awesome field of entries, R0t_IN emerging the winner with his superb Goonies Level!

The LBN Tribute Crown contest


Creative Catagories!

Posted Image

Some special shoutouts to members for their creative work this past year, giving the forum and LBP community hours of fun, entertainment and inspiration...

Series Creator: THE_HOG_FLU

for his brilliant Conan series, no other creator has produced such a brilliant number of Series, one after another. Hillbilly Hijinx I & II, Hammer of the Gods, Conan

Technical Wizard: KarpetHead (Shade_seeker)

For his impressive and masteful implementation of LBP tech in each of his levels. Always willing to help others in understanding and overcoming tricky tech related problems.

Platforming practioner Shookie99

For his pursuit of all things of the platforming persuasion! He's had has jumping, bouncing and swinging through bee hives, clock towers, ancient ruins, goo filled factories... in hit level after hit level.

Movie Master Kaiju_Kid

Acknowledged here and throughout the LBP community as one of the true masters of the movie level genre. His work has encompassed everything from heartbreak to hilarious hi-jinx, a masterclass of direction and original writing in each production.

Music maestro Buddy Destruct

An unbelievable output of top class tunes in every imaginable genre of music. His sequencers have been appreciated and admired by one and all.

Player of the Year!

Posted Image

Without the kindness and enthusiasm of players LBP would be an empty wasteland of empty levels. This past year two players have played they're way into the hearts of many in the course of their search for LBN picks and Spotlights. Your efforts and input has been much appreciated, all those deaths through squishing, falls and elecocution weren't in vein!

Smurfetta & XeroRogue



Member of the Year!

Posted Image

In a dramatic year filled the highs such as brilliant crown contests and the launch of the highly regarded LBN PICKS Hubs and lows such as the forum being hacked and the cool pages still being spammed...two members have demonstrated such selfless care for our little community.

Despite having a headache inducing educational workload one member stepped up in our darkest hour and spent valuable time in creating the glossy new site format and continues to provide support in his new role as the LBN technical admin.

Another member has proven to be a wonderful community role model here and on LBP. Always helpful, funny and willing to help others in any way he can, a highly regarded creator whose create skills earned him a prized contest crown. It is people such as these that make the forum and LBP such a heart warming experience.

Flareskull & Liquid_Blood_



And as always our special catagory for those who have shown superlative creative skills and originality that has provided so much fun and enthralled so many...

Creative Legend Award!

Posted Image

A breakthrough creator who has earned a crown, picks and plaudits for his original and varied portfolio of work . He has mastered every level genre, pushing boundaries and inspiring so many others.



Congratulations to everyone and thanks for all your contributions here and on LBP!

New events and promotions coming next week!

stay tuned!

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#463895 Seasonal Spirits Crown Contest

Posted by EnochRoot on 01 November 2012 - 06:34 PM

As the rustling leaves and spooky spectacle of Halloween fades in the lengthening winter nights...
Cold winds and snowflakes herald the approach of Christmas festivities ahead!

But something else is emerging from the shadows!
A brand spanking new, sparkling, seasonal Crown contest for everyone to enjoy some CREATE-SHARE-PLAY fun!

Posted Image

As this is the first major Crown Contest to be co-hosted by two fun filled fan sites the winner will receive a shiny LBP crown to add to their Christmas decorations and two...yes TWO!! Exclusive in game winners pins!

- Creators are required to create an original, previously unpublished level of any genre combining all the best elements of the two seasonal celebrations. Halloween hobgoblins and happy elves, platforming pumpkins and partying penguins all come together to share the fun!

- The level must have gameplay/scoring elements.

- One level slot/thermo per entry. No level-linking of any kind. (Here's how to do this without losing your jaw-dropping visuals) ;)

- Originality is the name of the game. That means Nightmare Before Christmas or generic zombie survival levels will be sternly frowned upon! :Angrier:

- Register your participation [here] and publish your level between Friday 14th - Mon 17th December, including the prefix SSCC at the start of your level title.

Runner up prizes for players and some other surprises in store too!

Have fun and feel free to post any questions in this thread.


Frequently Asked Questions
(more to come)

If I build a level with a friend, does my friend get a crown too?
The account on which the winning level is published gets the crown, but the two exclusive pins can be arranged for both you and your friends.

Is this contest for LBP Vita?
It's just for LBP2 (or LBP1) on the PS3. There will be some contests for Vita in the new year.

Are participants required to sign up on both sites?
No. You can register your participation in the contest here on LBN, or on LBPC, or on both sites if you feel like it.

Are short cutscene intros alright as long as they're not split through level links?
Yes, that would be fine.
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#493458 Sack Quest! PS4 & Crown contest

Posted by EnochRoot on 12 May 2014 - 10:20 PM


Months of creating by some of the finest creators on LBP....1000's of combined plays as community players take on challenge after challenge...weeks of deliberations by the judges....finally the result of the LEGENDARY SACKQUEST CROWN AND PS4 CONTEST can be revealed...


We have journeyed together, a happy band of questing comrades through lands diverse and adventures thrilling...explored castles and battled dragons..assumed the mantle of hero, ninja, child, gunslinger..all the guises LBP has to offer...we have encountered humour and hardship, heartbreak and loss, soul searching and salvation, mystery and madness...


As with any quest we have been changed simply by having the fortitude to face the challenge, learning new skills, pushing creative limits, forging new friendships and sharing experiences along the way in a true CREATE- SHARE-PLAY spirit.





and so the winner of LBPs 1st CROWN & PS4 CONTEST is...


Hillbilly Hijinx Three @THE_HOG_FLU_TOO




Congratulations and thanks to all who took part creating and playing making the SACKQUEST a truly enjoyable and memorable LBP experience.



Look out for more contests and events including another chance to win a crown and PS4 later in the year



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#485727 Little Big Pumpkin Carving Contest

Posted by EnochRoot on 28 November 2013 - 09:12 PM

..and along comes Enoch to open the thread and throw a little more light over what has come to pass!


Let me tell you a little story....

once upon a time there was very small  bunch of videogame fanatics...nutjobs, outcasts,dysfunctional weirdos  and internet forum novices who came together in search of advice and fun...united in their passion for a unique love of LBP. Some had tried the other bigger scary forums at the time and were discouraged by the harshness, discourtesy and elitism that ran rife among those sites. If you weren't part of certain clique or group you would soon find yourself ignored or abused.

So these guys started a small friendly site where they just goofed around having fun, sharing their LBP experiences..everyone was welcome to join in and make of the site what they wish...just as the original experience of LBP was supposed to be an evolving experience so was the site....if folks want to make a group, review thread or start some originlal fun then they could just go ahead and do it.

One of the first ways we decided to have some fun was to have little forum based create contests..always slightly off beat and fun...I remember the first was Wrestlefest! in which folks had to create levels around the theme of wrestling...not that serious just for fun. Over a period of years the membership grew larger and the contests have kept coming..many have been LBP firsts and some of the contest concepts and events have been the most original in the LBP universe...also some of the prizes have been too (anyone remember Spaffs underpants?!)...you can check the LBP wiki and see we have the longest, most distinguished list of events out there in the sackverse.


Back in the LBP1 days MM recognised we had a talent for organising these events and allowed us to be one of the sites to award the Rare Crown as a prize....since then we have successfully hosted many great crown contests and smaller little fun events including pod and costume, story writing and the original LBP Swapmeets. With LBP2 there was a change in operational structure and contest were put on a more formal basis with the sony community management team but we have have still maintained our great record of regular fun events and contests even though we are an unofficial site. Many of the winners and runner ups in the crown events aren't members or even friends of members...some have just joined to enter , won the prize and moved on, others have enjoyed the casual ,relaxed vibe and stayed. BUT one thing above all others that has been upheld from day one is the fairness and integrity of the judging of contests since day one! Take a look over all the previous contest threads before electing to make negative comments and you'll see the efforts to maintain impartiality and how the community has approved the outcomes again and again. Seriously  check the threads..all the threads in the contest section and then maybe you will see what the original forum founders intended in creating these contests....sackfolk from all over coming together to have fun and support each other in their creative endeavours, learning from each other, making friendships and and enjoying the results of each others imagination. This has always been the way it has been and always the way it should be.

Those who have issues with mods entering the contests have zero understanding what a mod is on this site....maybe on other sites they are all powerful police waving around their ban hammers but here they are janitors who voluntarily give hundreds of their hours every year to keep the place running, cleaning up mess, helping others who have questions....always a friendly source of help! just leave a message on any of their profiles and you'll see what nice people they truly are...one of the golden rules about selecting mods is if someone asks to be a mod they are probably not suited to be a mod.

Everyone everywhere is allowed to enter any of our contests and we go to great lengths to ensure friendships don't interfere with the judging process and the reception of the Crown contest winners among the LBP community at large speaks volumes at the integrity of the process.  The ridiculous comments about one of the lower ranking runner ups in a little for fun pumpkin decorating contest beggars belief..detracting from the splendid winner and great fun that was had by all. Once again I urge those who have little experience of the site to take the time to delve into the previous events and contest threads to get a grasp of what passes for acceptable conduct on the site but above all I urge folks to....


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#494732 MEGA LBP 3 THREAD!!!!!

Posted by Bonnell7 on 10 June 2014 - 01:36 AM


LittleBigPlanet 3 comes out November 2014.


Here's some Gameplay from E3 2014:


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#486930 Greeting Card Contest

Posted by EnochRoot on 21 December 2013 - 12:05 AM

my...er....entry....based on past christmas misadventures after one too many egg nogs! Presents may be a little late this year girls and boys!




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#477236 AOG Crown Contest Participants List

Posted by EnochRoot on 22 April 2013 - 08:37 AM



Acts of Green Crown Contest Participants List

Welcome to the latest AOG crown contest! Please check the design brief and details in the main thread: http://www.littlebig...-crown-contest/

If you wish to enter please post your entry in this thread using the following format:



Level Name:

LBP.me Link:

When the deadline arrives publish your level and post the LBP.me link in this thread.Please place the prefix (AOG) in your level title. If you have any questions or problems don't hesitate to post them in the main thread..

Have fun folks !


Participants List:

Name: CartoonMayhem

PSN: Cartoonmayhem

Level Name: (AOG) The Three R's

Level Link: http://lbp.me/v/krzv-n


Name: mirjanneke

PSN: mirjanneke

Level Name: Beaver's Lodge

Level Link: http://lbp.me/v/kr4sq4


Name: EverTone22

PSN: EverTone22

Level Name: (AOG)One Earth

LBP.me Link: http://lbp.me/v/krjh9w


Name: I6v6I

PSN: I6v6I
Level Name: (AOG) Love Earth (Platformer 1-4p)

Level Link: http://lbp.me/v/krc4st


Name: TRaciti

PSN: TRaciti
Level Name: Sunday Blues (AOG)
Level Link: 


Name: Kostas86q

PSN: kostasCCX

Level Name: (AOG) Recycle Bins

LBP.me Link: http://lbp.me/v/kseh5h


Name: AksZ

PSN: AksZ019 

Level Name: (AOG) Let's Go Green!(レッツ ゴー グリーン!)

LBP.me Link: http://lbp.me/v/ktbbs3


Name: ScRuMpTiiiOuS---
Level Name: (AOG) Keep It Green 
Level Link: 


Name: Grovfu

PSN: Grovfu

Level Name: (AOG) Blissium Corruptus 

Level Link: http://lbp.me/v/kry47s


Name: hippopotumusmon

PSN: hippopotumusmon

Level Name:(AOG) A Day in the City

LBP.me Link: http://lbp.me/v/kk5e71


Name: Die----DOSE

 PSN: Die----DOSE 

Level Name: Cleaning up!(AOG)

LBP.me Link: http://lbp.me/v/kskpzs


Name: itstimeyouknow

PSN ID: itstimeyouknow


Level Link: http://lbp.me/v/kghn2g


Name: Juliano--76

PSN: Juliano--76

Level name: Forest Temple 

Level link: http://lbp.me/v/kr1-2y


Name: iron_and_steel21

PSN: iron_and_steel21

Level Name: Water Conservation (AOG)

Level Linkhttp://lbp.me/v/kr1wbs


Name: TheTbagTroll

PSN: ThetbagTroll

Level Name: (AOG) The State Of Live

Level Linkhttp://lbp.me/v/ks5bdg


Name: Vision

PSN: XxVisioN6Sic6xX

Level Name: (AOG) The Train Stops

LBP.me: http://lbp.me/u/XxVisioN6Sic6xX


Name: fredbighed

PSN: fredbighed

Level Name: (AOG) Enter The Portal

Level Link: http://lbp.me/v/kqedfp


NAME: dragsterliam

PSN: dragsterlaim

Level Name: Fossil Füëlz (AOG)

LEVEL LINK: http://lbp.me/v/kmmm7v


Name: Daisy

PSN: cutie_G245

Level Name: Nature is our home



Name: maxfactor13

PSN: maxfactor13

Level Name: (AOG) The Watery Caverns

LBP.me: http://lbp.me/v/kr5swe


Name: Blaziken30

PSN: Gyarados18

Level Name: (AOG) The Cause of Climate Change

Level Link: http://lbp.me/v/krke0c


Name: Alexander


Level name: Keeping It Green

LBP.Me Link: http://lbp.me/v/ks-vyn


Name: LittleBlackadder

PSN: littleblackadder

Level Name: (AOG) Our Earth - Our Home

Level Link: http://lbp.me/v/ke40nv


Name: Jeremiahff329 

PSN: Splinter_cell239

Level Name: (AOG) Go Green Mini Game

Level Link: http://lbp.me/v/krwp79




Level Name: [AOG] "Flowers, Lizards & Potatoes!" [1P - Platformer]

Level Link: http://lbp.me/v/ktc414


Name: MrZanezack

PSN: MrZanezack

Level Name: [AOG] A Greener Future

Level Link: http://lbp.me/v/kqk2jp


Name: Townzee

PSN: Townzee
Level Name: (AOG) Once upon a frozen time...


NAME: DawnBreaker_23

PSN: DawnBreaker_23


LEVEL LINK: http://lbp.me/v/kr7ekm


Name: Traveler7549

PSN: Traveler7549

Level Name: (AOG) The Green Machine

Level Link: http://lbp.me/v/kvxwhx


Name:  Unknown Sack Legend

PSN:    Vin-Vin-1

Level Name:  (AOG) Reduce, Reuse, and Resackle

LBP.me Link:   lbp.me/v/kvx3f2


Name:  Lostboss8

PSN:    Lostboss8

Level Name:  (AOG) Keep Our planet Clean

LBP.me Link:   http://lbp.me/v/ktbq8x


Name: Mursutin
PSN: Mursutin
Level Name: Save the North Pole [Prefix AOG]
LBP.me Link: http://lbp.me/v/kgzyx2


Name: Oxford1791

psn: oxford 1791

Leve; name: Tropical wasteland

Level link: http://lbp.me/v/kvkgj8


Name: Rodrigo Kube

PSN: DigoKube

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: Killerrain13

PSN: Killerrain13

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: AmazingFireWheel

PSN: Kikaki_MooMoo

Level Name: The Cloth Forest

Level Link: N/A


Name: Dark2541

PSN: Dark2541

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: NoypiPrides

PSN: NoypiPrides

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: Jar

PSN: jarreguin001

Level Name: "(AOG) Another Day"

Level Link: N/A


Name: Blackbeltnick95

PSN: Blackbeltnick95

Level Name: "(AOG) Our Radioactive World"

Level Link: N/A


Name: Drico-JD

PSN: Drico-JD

Level Name: "(AOG) Evolution"

Level Link: N/A


Name: pj-15 

PSN: pj15

Level Name: N/A 

Level Link: N/A


Name: Nistarx

PSN: Nistarx

Level Name: N/A 

Level Link: N/A


Name: Dansku1698

PSN: Dansku1698

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: Nikkirwar

PSN: NikkiEatsWorld

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: BryanR0827

PSN: BryanR0827

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A 


Name: WaffleGod456

PSN: WaffleGod456

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: oxford1791

PSN: oxford1791

Level Name: N/A 

Level Link: N/A




Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: kasperi6

PSN: kasperi6

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: Tecnoboy1

PSN: Tecnoboy1

Level Name: (AOG) Secret under-wraps name 

Level Link: N/A


Name: the sexy sack man


Level Name: (AOG) Your face looks like a bin

Level Link: N/A


Name: Craftsman1967 

PSN: Craftsman1967

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: IcewarriorBFD98

PSN: IcewarriorBFD

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: RickRock_777

PSN: RickRock_777

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: Nexus_Prime73

PSN: Nexus_Prime73

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A

Name: RJA00000

PSN: RJA00000

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: Large_Milkshake

PSN: Large_Milkshake

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: fireblitz95

PSN: fireblitz95

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: kdog72

PSN: destructor2672

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: Zepwny

PSN: ZePwny

Level Name: (AOG) LittleBigTrouble 

Level Link: N/A


Name: Bivi

PSN: Bismaveda-BV

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: TiboDootGaming

PSN: schilpad

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: carlao_2010

PSN: carlao_2010

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: zekromfan1

PSN: zekromfan1

Level name: N/A
Level link: N/A


Name: GhandiJones

PSN: GhandiJones

Level Name: (AOG) The Tree

Level Link: N/A


 Name: nazeris

 PSN: nazeris

 Level name: (AOG)The Renewal Project

Level Link: N/A


Name: Slufoot48

PSN: Slufoot4
Level Name: N/A
Level Link: N/A


Name: HELLYEAH1982


Level Name: N/A 

Level Link: N/A


Name: johnny

PSN: nessguy26
Level Name: N/A
LBP.me Link: N/A


Name: gjfil

PSN: gjfil

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A




Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: EliteSAYcliche (Team Work)

PSN: EliteSAYcliche & alehxtina

Level Name: N/A

Level Link: N/A


Name: Kevinowns

PSN: BelosOfMari
Level Name: N/A
LBP.me Link: N/A


Name: lemski

PSN: LM615_2

Level Name: (AOG) Black Earth

Level Link: N/A


Nome: x_verycrazy_x

PSN: x_verycrazy_x

Nome Level: (AOG) Ecologist Planet 

Lbp.me link: N/A


Name: Xx_Fallen_xX

PSN: TheOccult63
Name Level: (AOG) Unbearable
Lbp.me Link: N/A


Name: Rocket Power

PSN: zippy93

Level Name: N/A

LBP.me Link: N/A


Name: Sactonio1
Psn: Sactonio
Level Name: (AOG)Wasteland
Level Link: N/A




Level Name:Pollution_Problem(AOG)

Level Link: NA


Name: Macciej

PSN: Macciej

Level Name: Our Earth is Dying!

Level Link: N/A


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#474950 Introducing Site Supporter Group!

Posted by FlyingIrishMan on 09 March 2013 - 02:23 PM

Hello members! 


We have once again something new to announce for you guys. The title says it all, we have added a Site Supporters group along with the rest of the established user groups. 

With many of the other groups, you gain access by activity, friendliness, and a spirit of LittleBigNetwork. However with this group, you gain nearly instant access by supporting our site - In other words, donating.


Donations can be given in any amount appropriate in your condition. We don't require you to donate anything big, as every bit helps out with things. All donations are taken only to improve the interference of the forum, and paying for contest prizes along with many other costs to contribute to the general running aspects of the site such as huge server costs.


Now, members who donate will be given special perks only given to site supporters. 

Here is a basic list of all perks you will receive:


- Ability to change usernames (This feature will be disabled for non-donators from here on out)
- A "Site Supporters" badge. 
- Increased limit of Private Message storage - currently, you're given 50. Prior to donation, you can storage 250.
- Larger avatar/signature files.
- Private Chat members in the Chat room.

(This list is subject to change, new features may be added in the future)



The amount you would like to donate is entirely up to you. We're not forcing any donations, however they're very well appreciated when given.We understand many members here are young. Whether you donate 5 dollars or 50, every donation is well appreciated. Users who are not able to donate will still be able to use the site exactly as they can now, and will not be treated any differently, its just a way of saying thanks for our donations.


If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to drop a post/comment here and a member of our staff will be sure to get back to you. Otherwise, you can private message any one of us.


When you donate, PM myself, along with a screenshot of your payment - this is the quickest way to get upgraded to site supporter. You can wait until the logs are checked if you would prefer. 


We hope you guys like this new addition to the site, its just a way for us to thank members for donating, this feature has been in discussion for a few weeks, and we will continue trying to add new features in the future. I would like to give a special thanks to Schnuckelche for his help in organising this.


Thanking you all, enjoy.


If you have donated since the start of the year, PM me and I will upgrade your account.


PM me if you want you're a normal member and wish to have your name reverted back to normal as name changing will no longer be available to you. I will only be accepting requests for the next 48 hours.

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#474726 Mascot: Pod/Costume Competition Participant List

Posted by Blackbeltnick95 on 05 March 2013 - 10:30 PM

Blackbeltnick95's entry


(*Note: I somehow made this costume dynamic. When ever Egbert grabs onto something with a lot of force, his feathers get all puffy and he turns into a big cotton ball, but you can still see his face perfectly. It's hilarious lol :P )

Name: Egbert

Pod Picture URL: http://i5.lbp.me/img...72be7db6eee.jpg

Costume Picture URL: http://i6.lbp.me/img...f1fa9192cbd.jpg




Hi! Egbert here!


Egbert is just your average Gallus gallus domesticus (chicken) who prefers to speak in the third person. He likes to play, create, and share just like every other sack person in the Little Big Universe. He’s just a simple friendly guy who likes to hang out with his peeps and have fun. He is super chill, but also a bit lazy, thus his extra weightage (Don’t tell him he looks hefty or else he’ll go berserk like the chickens from Legend of Zelda!) He likes all kinds of music, and his favorite food is… chicken, with hot sauce of course. Oh and he hates the “Why did the Chicken cross the road” joke. He finds it offensive.


Egbert’s goals if he wins Mascot Election 2013 is to provide fun levels he and LBN have brought to the sacklings of LittleBigPlanet through level hubs and various events. Vote for Egbert! Vote for Hot Wings! Vote for Play, Create, and Share!

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#456470 Take a look at my Little Big Planet Menu Font Level

Posted by SACK-BEAVER on 22 July 2012 - 02:14 PM

i recreated the Little Big Planet Menu Font Paint tool stickers & Oblects
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#490113 5th Annual LBN Awards!

Posted by b-coli on 06 March 2014 - 01:36 AM



Another fun filled year has drawn to a close and it is with great pleasure we give thanks and acknowledgement to some of the special folk who have provided so much fun and inspiration last year in the 5th Annual LittleBigNetwork Awards, a celebration of all the PLAY-CREATE-SHARE fun that makes LBP such a wonderful gaming experience.
A variety of award catagories recognising creative achievements, random acts of fun and lunacy that give the forum its unique ethos and atmosphere.





Funniest Member of the year!


On a forum filled with funsters, fruitcakes and jokers of all shape and size one sackboy has consistently provided chuckles and belly laughs with his good natured, funny posts and random banter in the contest threads.










Friendliest Member of the year!



In a forum that prides itself on it's friendly, easy going vibe one member has demonstrated such an enthusiasm in greeting newcomers, helping find levels for the monthly picks, always looking out for ways to make a fun and friendly positive contribution and still has time to create fun levels featuring him singing with his lovely wife...








Contest of the Year!


LBN has always been a leader in innovative events and epics contests! The past year saw pod and costume, swapmeets, major crown contest, and a myriad of miscellaneous events including the return of the popular pumkin carving contest. Among these the contest which was most highly rated was a unique event co-hosted with our friends on LBPC...


Seasonal Spirits!








Spirit of Share!




LBP is a game filled with creative genius, fun filled playing experiences but what really brings the community together is the sharing of the fantastic discoveries and innovations. one individual this year has been selfless in sharing work and innovations for others to enjoy and still finding time to contribute occasional hubs for LBN_PICKS account. Visit this creators planet for some great create resource levels...










Player(s) of the Year!



Without the kindness and enthusiasm of players LBP would be an empty wasteland of empty levels. This past year two players have played they're way into the hearts of many in the course of their search for LBN picks and Spotlights. Your efforts and input has been much appreciated, all those deaths through squishing, falls and electrocution weren't in vein.


HyperDude53 & LittleBlackAdder








Member of the Year!




For several years a stalwart legion of volunteers have beavered away behind the scenes on LBN...organising events, helping newcomers, keeping sections free from spam, scouring theads for QPQ, underplayed gems and recommendations levels for the monthly LBN_PICKS.

No financial recompense for these selfless sacks...their scant reward is sore thumbs, missed sleep, headaches but best of all the respect of the community around them who recognise a true PLAY- CREATE- SHARE LEGEND OF LBP...


You may know him as Biorogue, Xerorogue, or Jester946 but if you're really lucky you will be able to call him friend...










Staff Member of the Year!




Awarded by the Admins, to the sackhead volunteer who, rain or shine, is here day in and day out to help with other sackheads questions, keeping spam at bay and helping in any way he or she can with anything else that might come up. Always eager to jump in and get things done, this years award goes to someone who keeps a cool head under pressure. Someone who even went as far as to calm down some hot heads behind the scenes. We would like to thank him for everything he does for LBN and all the members who make up our awesome community! (even though he might not be pretty to look at.)  ;)


the Sexy Sack Man





And as always our special catagory for those who have shown superlative creative skills and originality that has provided so much fun and enthralled so many...



Creative Legend Award!



A creator who has really left his stamp in pursuit of platforming perfection with level after level dedicated to the joy of the jump, brilliance of the bounce and the bomb!

The realms  his creativity has transported us to have included Giant bee hives, calamitous clocks, steampunk shennanigans, factory filled with goo and stalker bomb companions. Although he has received MM picks and forum spotlights he often withdraws from the glare of the masses..his creative search seemingly not for popular acclaim but the sheer pursuit of the perfect platforming experience..






The second creator awarded Creative legend status first achieved popular acclaim way back on LBP1 with a series of levels that were so heart achingly soul searching that anyone who had the pleasure to experience them will never forget the bittersweet touching memory.

When LBP2 arived this creator quickly became acclaimed as one of the best film directors among the community, accomplished in many genres and styles. His signature costume reflects how he has embraced all aspects of LBP...the darkness and the light, serious sentimentality and frivilous fun. His creative output  includes movies platformers, pinball and many other genres. He currently has three profiles adored by the LBP community at large and his work will always have a special place in the real hearts of the people who have been lucky enough to experience it....






All award winners can use the LBN AWARDS in your sig!

A new round of promotions just around the corner folks!

Congratulations to everyone and thanks for all your contributions here and on LBP!

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#458025 LittleBigPlanetVita - My impressions

Posted by Trindall on 18 September 2012 - 04:20 PM

Posted Image

LittleBigPlanet Vita

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of LittleBigPlanet Vita fromTarsier Studios and Double Eleven for quite some time, and like many of you I’ve purchased the PS Vita hardware just for the occasion. When the chance presented itself to write up my thoughts and impressions of the game for this forum, I leapt at the chance.

As some background on me, I’ve been playing LittleBigPlanet 1 since it was in public beta before it was released to retail. I been playing the series fairly constantly up through LBP2 and beyond. I love creating, playing exceptional levels and spending my days immersed in the various LittleBigPlanet forums with other members of the community.

So it is with this perspective that I hungrily dove into LittleBigPlanet Vita. My goals at the start were to compare and judge the game experience of the Story Levels, the challenge of the obstacles and bubble collection and then finally how create modes stacked up to the predecessors of the series.

Story levels: Not LittleBigPlanet Lite

Posted Image

I played the previous handheld iteration of LittleBigPlanet and while enjoyable it still felt distinctly smaller, different from the bigger console experience. The current generation of portable gaming devices has not helped improve my feelings that when you shrink the size of the gaming medium you also reduce the amount of immersion, grandiosity and longevity of the game.

LittleBigPlanet Vita is an interesting dichotomy between the enjoyable nature of LittleBigPlanet and the implementation and projection of the series onto the PS Vita hardware. As I played through the story levels I was struck time and time again by the ‘feeling’ of LittleBigPlanet that exuded from the set design, the joyful and off-beat humour, the cast of quirky characters and the return of all the familiar platforming tropes.

At the same time I was also bumping fingers against the differences in the feel and response of the Vita versus a dualshock controller as well as the inclusion of touch based gaming controls. However it didn’t take very long to come to terms with the layout and wrap my fingers around the additional control scheme such that the platform hardware didn’t get in the way of the LittleBigPlanet experience.

Rather than clutter up the game I felt just the opposite in sections, the additional features of the Vita added a new layer of complexity and challenge that I really enjoyed. The touch based controls didn’t ever get overused nor overly gimmicky and felt right at home with the flow of the level and the game as a whole.

The characters of the story mode were memorable though there seemed to be some recycling of the LittleBigPlanet 2 character archetypes, the egotistical bumbler, the wacky oddball, the sweet female and so on. There are some fresh new faces though with the dour clown Mrs. Sunshine being my favorite of the lot for her dry, gloomy, introspective and delusional persona.

The story mode ticks off all the LittleBigPlanet check boxes, inventive storyline, characters in peril, exotic locales, multiplayer coop sections, larger-than-life boss sequences and more platforming, challenges and unique layouts than you can shake a stick at.

Living on the PS Vita has in no way diminished the enjoyment, challenge and scale of the game.

All the platforming and challenges you can shake a stick at:

Posted Image

The progression and challenge curve is just as you’d expect with the tutorials starting out in the form of the first creature curator world belonging to Colonel Flounder. After that the introduction of new power ups and touch mechanics is measured and steady throughout the game and I never felt that the sequences were cluttered or dependent on too many different mechanics at once.

The levels throughout seem to be of mild to moderate difficulty and the added goals of 100% prize collection and acing all levels is still as tantalizing and difficult in spots as in previous LittleBigPlanet games.

I was happy with the diversity of different types of gameplay in LittleBigPlanet Vita and I never got bored or distracted by repetition. Even though I’ve not scratched the surface of all the mini and arcade games I have no doubt that the game engine is capable and the tool set is diverse enough to enable just about any game type that can be imagined.

I had a busy days, limited game time and a burning desire to jump straight into create mode to play around with all the shiny new toys. Despite all of this I still enjoyed the story mode quite a bit. I feel that it ranked above the story mode in LittleBigPlanet 1 and was a bit more refined in some aspects compared to the story outing in LittleBigPlanet 2.

The bottom line for me is that LittleBigPlanet Vita feels like an evolution and progression over LittleBigPlanet 2 rather than a shrunken slice of the previous title’s essence.

Create mode: The essence of LittleBigPlanet

Posted Image

After my first run through the story levels I jumped in to Create and started to wade through the tutorials. I love Stephen Fry and enjoy his talents and contribution to the series. But it was too much to sit through the 67 or so tutorials when I felt I had a very good grasp on nearly everything covered.

Thankfully the return of the “Unlock all tutorials’ button has graced the Vita counterpart and I was free to just visit the tutorials I wanted leaving others to be re-visited in case I ever stumbled into problems down the road.

My biggest concern going into Create was just how previously learned muscle memory would translate to the new control scheme on the Vita. With a few rapid, nearly unconscious twitches of my fingers on the dualshock controller I could change the grid size in LittleBigPlanet 2, I could switch to preview mode, flat mode, save the level, select the corner edit tool and so on and so on.

Just how would a person with the hundreds of hours of Create time over two Playstation bound LittleBigPlanet games make the transition to the smaller hardware and input screen of the Vita?

Unfortunately for this article I’m still puzzling that one out. What I can say is that the devil is in the details and that there is enough that is identical that any experienced creator can just jump right in. And there is enough devilish tid-bits that are different that any experienced creator cannot fail but to hit a few of them fairly quickly.

I do not suspect any LBP2 Create veteran can hit the Vita version at full speed in the way that nearly any LittleBigPlanet player will blaze into the Story levels will barely a hiccup. This isn’t unexpected however and I estimate, for myself, that it’ll take the first four to eight hours in create mode before I get comfortable and start teasing out the intricacies.

I’ve not found any glaring inadequacies in the Create mode implementation, only differences in approach and layout. The addition of the touch controls can greatly improve the fluidity of your create time once you get used to them. There are so many little tweaks, such as the ability to type in values manually rather than using a slider, that will delight long time creators. Despite needing to relearn the controls it is hard to not be excited about the possibilities.

A few issues that have caused annoyances so far:
  • The ordering of the tools in the pop-it, the power-ups, logic, item tweakers and so on are in a slightly different order than they are presented in the LittleBigPlanet 2 layout. It will take a little bit of time to learn the new order of items.
  • An unfortunate consequence of playing on the Vita is that the display screen is much smaller than I’m used to playing with in Create mode on the PS3. I find that I’m often squinting unintentionally and need to make sure that I’m at the right level to see all that I need to see and still be able to see the detail.
  • Sometimes the load times for copying levels, rewinding or similar actions takes a while. Longer than it seems it should but this may just be the differences in the hardware of the Vita and PS3.
The bottom line on create mode for me is that it will take some acclimation before I can really be comfortable. Somehow they’ve managed to get the experience and tools very close to the PS3 version while also adding in new tools, better methods to create and a ton of tiny improvements. None of the issues I’ve run up against has dulled my enthusiasm to tinker, build and create something that one day other people may play.

Play, Create and Share

Sharing levels and creations is the last of three pillars supporting the LittleBigPlanet philosophy. This is where all of you, the community, come into the picture and the reason that many of us are still playing LittleBigPlanet after all these years. As of the time of this article the online servers have not been enabled for the LittleBigPlanet Vita players so I couldn’t mess around with the online aspect of the game.

I’m just as anxious as anyone else to see how the sharing, downloading of games and management of the level system will be implemented over the initial roll-out phase of the game. I’m excited to see the tidal wave of levels that will come crashing into the imaginosphere and see what
trends emerge.

This is the most exciting time of any LittleBigPlanet release, the time when all the tools are fresh and the wonder and questions abound in equal measure. I look forward to see how the community will evolve and react to the game and to see the new directions we will go together.

Tarsier Studios and Double Eleven have done more with LittleBigPlanet Vita than just repackaging LittleBigPlanet 2. It is a loving creation by people who understand all the points that has made LittleBigPlanet the community and culture that it is.

LittleBigPlanet Vita contains new functionality, improvements over existing tools, exciting uses for the built in camera and touch controls, and above all the freedom to pick up and play it just about anywhere you find yourself.

Posted Image

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#494731 MEGA LBP 3 THREAD!!!!!

Posted by Dr. Kandatto on 10 June 2014 - 01:35 AM





Thank you to Bonnell7. Video and Images are courtesy of him and his original thread. Some videos are available in the post below




3D Layers!

3 New playable characters!

Touchpad compatibility!

Millions of levels from LBP2 and Classic!

Enhanced particle effects and graphics!

Smoother Layer-to-Layer movement!


New ability for Sackboy (Climb!)

I S O L A T E D Water! (Finally)






IGN Rewind Trailer (Added by Bonnell7)



E3 Reveal Breakdown (Work of Jauw)



Toggle E3 Gameplay (Added by KAPBAM)




LBP3 Gamespot Stage Demo (Added by Bonnell7)




Game Trailers E3 Interview (Added by Pookachoo)



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#494024 Swapmeet XI

Posted by mr moneypenny on 25 May 2014 - 08:11 PM

Looks like the time has come for the…

Moneypenny Awards

Today lead by the charming and somewhat creepy Edna Mürrisch!
(God, why did I sign up for this?) Thank you, and welcome! Today, we’ll award those levels out there which deserve some attention (Coincidentally being the same levels as the Swapmeet-participating ones). These will get prizes based on the level (and the moneypenny and c: o’s annual cultural budget of five dollars). I’ve bought a big bag of candy on the way here, so who’s ready for some awards! (Me neither, but let’s get this over and done with).

Best lbp1 Nostalgia:
Manor of the forgotten ones
by L-I-M-I
Judge’s motivation: Given the swapmeet entrants, L-I-M-I was a given winner for this title. He managed, with the limited tools of lbp1, make a level with both good gameplay and nice visuals (they improve over time; the start might need some more polishing).
Well, that was eerie, but I survived! I was going to give you one of those licorice skulls, but I forgot to buy one of those, so here’s a marshmallow!
Best Hidden Object Level
Smurfy’s hidden objects (road trip)
by Greensmurfy
Judge’s motivation: Once again a given winner. Not only has Greensmurfy managed to create a smooth-running mini-game with stunning visuals, he has also taken it one step further by letting the images respond to the found hidden objects. One very small advice is to check the cameras as the button guidance is not completely in view. Pink pin-worthy.
Haha, all objects found! You don’t stop Edna the Exceptional that easy! You seem to like hidden things, so here are some jellybeans I found under the couch pillow!
Most promising community Project
Samos the Playwright’s tale
Judge’s motivation: ZE-UNIT has proved that this project might go far. Good idea with the project. The visuals are good, though some parts of the level feel a bit empty. There was also a bit too much running; adding some more obstacles wouldn’t be a bad thing.
Phew, that was a long run, but it was worth it! It’s the Deku Tree! I’m starstrucked! Therefore, here’s a star-shaped chocolate piece!
Best Gravity-defying Ball
Master of Gravity
by Justjar95
Judge’s motivation: The judges never thought there would be any level ever deserving this title until Justjar95’s level was found. Great idea, smooth-running controls. If anything, a little more work on the visuals would make the experience even more enjoyable.
Whoa, am I dizzy! And how crowded it was inside that ball! And I who misunderstood the meaning of the title and came in high-heels! Ah well, here’s gumball!
The golden Donkey
Uncharted shenanigans: the not so great escape
by Arklon
Judge’s motivation: In honor of the great Don K, the Golden Donkey is awarded every year to the funniest movie. This was the movie. Great camera angles, good voice acting. The story was incredibly smart, though a little predictable sometimes. Fingers crossed for a sequel.
Well, you aren’t catching me laughing…heh…hoho…ahem. I couldn’t find a golden donkey in the attic, but I found some more candy! (it’s quite old).
Best adventure movie
Wrong parking on planet mars by Avundcv
Judge’s motivation: This movie offers both tension and many laughs. The voice acting was really good. The dancing in the end was a bit too long, but that’s just a tiny detail.
Wohoo, two movies in a row! I didn’t even need to leave the couch! Here’s some of my popcorn!
(Note: because of a long judging process and scandalous prizes at the local sweet shop, I’m now all out of candy. I’ll give away whatever I find here in the studio.)
Best abstract Art
Whale art by Yonder-land
Judge’s motivation: … [Judges on lunch].
Wow, the deepness! That big blob is obviously the Hindenburg, representing the fragility of everything, even the seemingly big and unstoppable! It is… Wait… It’s a whale?... Oh… Well, I can’t change the award, so here’s all my whole abstract art collection… A whale…
Most embarrassing level
Pigs and Pastry
by mr moneypenny
[Judges still on lunch]
Oh god, what is this? This person must be completely out of his mind. I’ll pretend I never saw this. Here’s some homework! Now go home and write “I’ll never express my feelings or thoughts in any media ever again” 500 times! In French!
Best Nintendo-influenced mini-game
Mario party 2: mini game bombs away
by Lbphart3
Judges motivation: Lbphart3 managed to [nom] create a mini-game with [gulp] just the right difficulty. Great visuals, you didn’t always die when you [slurp] landed in the water. Good work!
Oh those rude judges. I didn’t even permit you to take lunch during the awards! Ah well, here’s a towel I accidently brought home from a hotel!
Best space-themed level
Space oddity
by Funkystache
Judge’s motivation: With great and unique gameplay and lovely visuals, Funkystache was a given winner for this title. The very last part was a bit unclear what to do, but otherwise nothing to complain about. Good luck in the comp!
Wow, do I look good in astronaut suit! Perhaps I should check if there’s any modeling jobs at the space center! It was a bit sweaty tough, so here’s some deodorant! (I’m giving away everything I can find, really).
Best confusing level
Mood swing
Judge’s motivation: ONE-MAD-BUNNY managed to use the confusion in his favor and created a level that’s incredibly entertaining to play. Good visuals, a big plus for all the secrets there was to be found. Good luck in the competition!
That butterfly reminded me of my sister! Except my sister never smiles (it goes in the family). Well, I’m a big fan of the level, so here’s a fan picture of moi!
(I really tried to smile)
Best Neon Creatures
Neon for Eons
by R-V-2-0-1-3
Judge’s motivation: Formal language aside, those creatures were epic! Overall great visuals, Good, fast-paced (too fast-paced sometimes?) platforming, cool music!
Gah! My head’s spinning around like after a romanticism-poetry marathon, and if that wasn’t enough, there’s monsters everywhere! Ah well, you get some of my sickness medicine!
Most frustrating level
Mir going me(n)tal
by Mirjanneke
Judges motivation: This was frustrating! Nice, simple visuals and good gameplay though. Still, the level could really need some more checkpoints!
First I spend hours to pass this level, and then, as a reward, my make-up gets destroyed?
Hmpf. Well, you should be happy you get anything (I put down hours on that make-up!). Here’s the soap I used to wash myself!
Most unfinished level
Communication breakdown
by Just_Tom_
Judge’s motivation: sorry, but this level will have to be played on a later occasion. None of the judges were able to play this, because of the required friend. Online friend, that is, not real friends, whom we have lots of! Don’t look at us that way!
Whoa, you’re trying to make me get social? Dream on! I’ll return though, when I have friends online. For now, here’s a tandem bike! (It’s missing its chain. And wheels.)
Coolest characters
Conan the barbarian –prologue
Judge’s motivation: Was it this level that was supposed to get award or the hammer level? Anyways, great characters! Though this isn’t the judge’s kind of level (we’re more of the Hillbilly types), it’s impossible not to get amazed by that intro!
Oh, so barbaric! I prefer my romanticism poems! Here’s some tea to calm the nerves!
Best triology
The golden sack –the quest for the heart of LBP
by EnochRoot
Judges motivation: because of the extreme cowardness of the judges and their experiences of not following level’s recommendations (yes, we mean Tynz21’s CAN YOU FIND…?-levels!), the judges decided to change level. Overall great work! The levels are so Enoch-ish they can get, with satire around every turn and Enoch-style visuals. It’s a bit too much running from time to time, especially in the first level, but otherwise, nothing to complain about.
Hey, that inventor-guy looks rather hot! You think I’ve got a chance? My last boyfriend left after two hour of romanticism poetry marathon (wimp). Here’s my phone number!
Best special effects
Beyond the roots: reaching the secrets
by Bombird
Judge’s motivation: Stunning! Bombird’s got some really advanced stuff going on in there! Great visuals, good gameplay, sometimes too long cutscenes, but that’s of minor importance. Great work!
Alright, so I’m really short of stuff to give away by now. Here’s a… a… a… pen! Yes, take this pencil! This level was really creative, so I’m sure you can relate it to the level somehow by yourself.
Most immature level
Baby simulator
Judge’s motivation: Immatureness is not always a bad thing! This level was actually really well done, though the visuals could have used some more work at times. Funny, it’s always amusing to destroy stuff.
That baby reminds me of my sister’s daughter! I’m never babysitting her again! Well, I’ve still got some diapers from that time, so here you go!
Most relaxing level
Sunset in the savannah by Remy_-46
Judge’s motivation: even though this level came with exiting platforming, it still was the most relaxing to play in quite a while. Amazing scenery, great gameplay! Sometimes it was a bit unclear where to go; you never get too many arrows!
Hey, I did have some candy left! A chewing gum! I found it stuck under one of the studio’s tables. Here you go!
Hardest level
The hunger games lbp –sky bridge by Footlessyeti
Judges motivation: Wow, was THIS hard! It really got on your nerves sometimes. Still, the gameplay was well-done, and the visuals were really good! Some more checkpoints would have been nice though.
Hah…Hah…Yes! I made it! I beat the level! Too bad I haven’t got anything to give you except this big, shiny trophy in pure gold. Ah well, here you go, perhaps you’ll have more use of it than I’ve had.
Most sexiness
Edna Mûrrisch

Judge’s motivation: Seriously, sexy sack man? You let a 50-years-old culture worker beat you? You’ll have to try harder!
Yes! I got an award too! I give myself unlimited love, along with this 5000-dollar prize check I didn’t find until now! Congrats to me!

Well, that was all! Congratulations to everyone getting an award, now I’ll go to sleep, as soon as I’ve spent my 5000 dollars on romanticism poetry collections!
Good night!
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#493749 Swapmeet XI

Posted by LittleBlackadder on 18 May 2014 - 10:31 AM

Welcome to viewing highlights on LBP TV this week.




We have another great line up of programs to enjoy including some new Game Shows and a selection of Family, Action, Adventure, and Drama/Horror movies.





We begin with our Games Shows.


Monday we have “Mario Party 2 Mini Game Bombs Away” by lbphart3 . An LBP classic bomb survival style mini game but this one has a lot more creativity and artistic style and humour than the game shows that feature on the terrible Cool Pages Channel.


Tuesday is “(BETA) Smurfts Hidden Objects (Road Trip Edition)” by greensmurfy. This is a great new game and introduces the viewers to a clever map idea to choose which subgames to do first. The backgrounds are terrific and having the found object move or make a sound is a great idea. Viewers may need to sit up close to their TVs to find all the items.


Wednesday we have “NEONS for EONS” (platformer) by R-V-2-0-1-3 This is a fast paced, quick eye-hand co-ordination level that not only looks great and has some really well made creatures to admire if you can get time to catch your breath, lol.


Thursday is “Master of gravity” by justjat95. This game features clever ideas and puzzles to solve. Was I “the master of gravity”? No, lol, I was all thumbs, kept getting lost or trapped but I didn’t mind.


Friday we have “(LBPC12) Mood Swing” by one-mad-bunny

This is what happens when some of our Game Show producers has an idea during the network’s Christmas party. One mad bunny is a great name for the creator of this level.  Just when you think you know what you are doing … wrong!


Saturday is “Mir going me(N)tal” by mirjanneke I’m not sure whether this new program on LBP TV should be called “Mir making people mental”? This, my dear viewers shows you what your mothers warned you about. It demonstrates what happens when one of our Game Show creators puts a half a packet of Dutch chocolate sprinkles on everything before they eat it. They create a clever but mind numbing, brain-teasing level in which nothing is what you expect it to be.


This week in the “History of Art” on Wednesday we present “Whale Art” by Yonderland. This is a great artistic rendition of a majestic creature and we will spend time interviewing Yonderland about the techniques that were used.


Another artist that will be featured is bombird as we discuss his masterpiece “Beyond the Roots (4-A): Reaching the secrets”. Once again bombird has taken us “BLBP” (Beyond Little Big Planet). It’s a wonderful masterpiece of light, movement, artistic style and atmosphere that gives you the same “Wow” as playing when you saw “Journey” for the first time.


LBP TV has searched the globe for movies that the whole Family will enjoy.


On Friday Night at the Movies, we will be showing “Samos, The playwrite’s tale: a prologue” by Ze-Unit . Its has some nice 3D background work and an enchanting tale too. We look forward to part two when it comes out at a future date.


Saturday night we present “Wrong parking on planet” Mars by AVundCV Don’t you hate it when you are about to settle down with a plate of bratwurst to watch “Germany’s Got Talent” and a group of aliens turns up and asks you to help fix their TV reception problem! A fun film with great voice acting, a variety of music , humour and a great storyline. Stay till the end to watch dancing that is better than “Germany’s Dancing with the Stars” on the other network.


As part of our great weekend of family fun, we also present “Baby simulaor” (1 player only) by Kaiju_Kid. This is a great show in which you get to see a frustrated baby-sitter trying to cope with a jumping, smashing, pooping and spewing run-away baby intent on destruction.


“Pigs and pastry” by mr_moneypenny is also great for the family. It begins with a terrific animated introduction, then moves onto some fun platforming, then some shooting with a flying pig! Yes, pigs can fly! Lol. It concludes with a deep and profound message that I know will be discussed at work places and school playgrounds throughout the land.


For those who like action and adventure, we have two new programs premiering on LBP TV, “Hammer of the gods 2 (beta)” by the hog flu. It's simply stunning and perhaps will feature in next weeks “History of Art” program. Mr Hog Flu's artistic talents are outstanding in his making of characters, sets and the effects. LBP TV hopes that Mr. Hog Flu will take photos of this and make it into a great picture-story book or comic.


As for adventure, we have “LTH (episode 1) Manor of Forgotten Ones” by L-I-M-I. This is in the classic LBP1 style! The atmosphere, ways of getting etc. are  just what you want in this type of level. Warning being buried under a whole lot of coffins is a possibility.


Another great adventure for the whole family to enjoy is “Space Oddity” by funkystache. This was clever! The simplicity of the design, use of basic materials and the sensors hide the great quality of the design and craftsmanship of this presentation. The transformation into the astronaut and to be able to get to the next part is really impressive and should not be missed.


Our Late Night Horror Movie comes from EnochRoot. “The little seamstress” (Horror) is a film that is a true blockbuster. Even though the storyline, blood, insects, voicing, sound effects etc. are enough to make you close your eyes in some parts; you can’t help but admire the skill of the film maker. The close ups, the use of black and white with red, the silences, the sound effects, the sets and props, and the cut scenes puts this level straight into the BLBP (beyond little big planet) category.


That concludes my viewing highlights for this week . :)


Next week, we feature the directors cut of “Uncharted Shenanigans: The not so great escape!” by Arklon. This is an exceptionally funny movie with witty dialogue, humorous visual gags and a great storyline. It’s terrific family viewing and is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face. So make sure that you don't miss this great movie and the other great line up of programs which I'll be previewing in my next show, here on LBP TV.


We are currently in the process of obtain the broadcast rights to a game show called "Communication Breakdown (x2 player Co-op) by Just Tom. This is a great game in which one player has to get to or be moved to a certain place by giving instructions to another person who can't see the layout of the room and has to do tasks such as pulling levers or pressing buttons. Hilarious fun; "up, up, left, left, right now go down, No! I didn't mean "right!" It's best played if at least one player has a mic.


I like to leave you with my deep thought for the week “Never criticize your wife’s or husband’s choices, remember you are one of them.”



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#492288 Swapmeet XI

Posted by the sexy sack man on 18 April 2014 - 08:30 PM

6 days or less for reviews




Now that everyone that is entering our Sack Quest for the PS4 has entered, we think it is a perfect time to host our next SWAPMEET,here at littlebignetwork we love having ourselves a swapmeet, its a great way for people to make friends with other sacklings on the sight, and it allows you amazing creators out there to showcase the true LBP spirit!!
It couldn't be any simpler to apply for a swapmeet!!!
Have you ever made a level in LBP that you are just dying for more people to see, or just like people to play?!?!


Are you looking to have a good time with a bunch of other good people on LBN???



Do you want to get some constructive and good feedback on your level???



Then you have what it takes to enter our eleventh Swapmeet! 
If you wish to enter just post the LBP.me level link that you want to be played and reviewed in the comment section below, and bam! You're in the swapmeet!!You maybe wondering why its worth entering the swapmeet, except for getting to meet, some amazing people, and playing some amazing creations!! 

Well I can tell you, that who ever can show the most LittleBigSwapPlanetMeet Spirit will get the very important, and rather ravishing looking LBN pin!!!



Just take a look through our last swapmeet, contest, and you can see just how much fun everyone had whilst being in the event! Swapmeet X
What our moderating team thinks of the swapmeet


I just ate chinese food.  Don't know what type of meat was on the stick but they called it beef.  I reckon they swapped out the cow for something else.


I joined the last swapmeet and all I got was this lousy bumper sticker!...actually come to think of it I did get a couple of hundred plays.....received some good feedback on my level....had fun playing other creators levels...and didn't get a bumper sticker....WHERE'S MY BUMPER STICKER LBN!

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